Your Business Needs a Website

 Yes, Your Business Needs a Website!


With so many social media platforms available to share information many business owners find themselves asking, “Do I even need a website”? The answer is yes, absolutely! In today’s digital age if you don’t have a website there are many individuals who won’t even consider working with your business. For many, when they locate a business with a website it provides level of legitimacy and professionalism.
Websites extend your business hours in a way that make you more accessible to your customers. Rather than having to call to speak with someone on the phone initial questions customers have can be posted on your website. Many businesses have a FAQ section available to answer common questions. Not only does this help your customers but it also opens up time for you or your staff.

Websites allow you to expand your reach. With most social media platforms your business is specifically searched for and often by local customers. A website increases your chances of reaching new customers all over the country and internationally. When people need a product or service often the first place they go is an online search engine. Having a website with searchable words and phrases will help potential customers find your business. (We’ll talk more about SEO another day.)

Websites are an inexpensive way to update customers on changes with your business. Once the initial website is built maintenance is relatively inexpensive. This provides you with a space to communicate changes and updates at a fraction of the cost sending out fliers or mailers would. This applies for marketing as well. Ads in newspapers last only as long as the newspaper is in print. You either have to keep buying ad space or lose that reach once the next circulation comes out. The same is true for social media ads. With your website the cost is usually less and it’s up continuously for you.

Websites increase credibility for your business. No matter what type of business or service you have being able to provide potential customers with a website will make you look more professional. Also, with a business website you can have a blog. The great thing about a business blog is it gives you forum to share your expertise with current and potential customers. If someone is trying to decide if they should work with you but then reads an informative blog you’ve written on your industry it may move them to seal the deal.

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a website get off that fence right now and go make one! Luckily, there are lots of website templates available to make creating a site easy. If that’s too technical for your or you just don’t have the time there are many website creators available for hire. Whether you’re investing your time by creating it yourself, or investing your money buy hiring someone, having a website is definitely an investment you’ll see a positive return on.

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