You Know What That Is? Growth!

You Know What That Is? Growth!

By: Devaun Jay

            Fall is a time for reflection and change. From the colors of leaves shifting to drop in temperature, now is the time to look back on what has transpired through the course of the year and how you can improve yourself moving forward. But while we all are gearing up for the holidays and new year, there are some people such as writers, actors, producers, and directors preparing for the following season of their critically acclaimed series. My three favorite shows Insecure, Atlanta, and Power unfortunately go missing until the spring and summer. But while the NBA and NFL keep me entertained, I do find myself wondering what could be in store for their next installments. Will Issa find a career doing what she loves? Will Al get that big break he has been waiting for? And how much trouble will Tariq this time? While these are all valid questions, the key thing each of them is thinking, is what they can implement to keep us on the edge of our couches next go-around. In this article we will cover one primary action each show needs to do, to stay relevant for fans and get extended for another season. Spoilers are included in this so if you are binge watching now, it’s best you read this after getting caught up. Here we go!

Issa Rae has a done a phenomenal job showing maturation in her character on screen. While Molly still holds stern reservations about who she dates, and Tiffany starts to see the changes having a baby will make in her marriage and friendship with Kelly, Issa is rolling with the punches gradually. While moving out of Daniel’s home was a big step, the biggest set of changes will come from leaving her position at We Got Yall. A place where she felt over-worked and undervalued. Furthermore, the criticism from Daniel about how she isn’t passionate about what she does for a living will be the push needed, to seek her calling. With that being said, the key to season four of Insecure being a success is to keep Lawrence and Nathan at bay! Yes ladies, I know a lot of you all wanted to see her either get back with Lawrence or give Nate a shot though he ghosted her causing Issa to get into detective mode. But I do believe Issa needs more time to be alone before she chooses another partner. Lawrence will clearly have some influence since Condola who set up The Last Dragon screening will be dating him, and we all know Nathan will be doing everything he can to get back in Issa’s good graces. So hopefully by the time this all unfolds it will be episode 5 or so. But between her looking to set up a community event and taking what looks to be entrepreneurship classes, it will in my opinion be more compelling content seeing her evolve into a public figure.

            Atlanta “Robbin Season” brought about changes for every character no fan could have seen coming. While the first installment was a little more comical, season two brought a darker theme to the show ensuring everyone felt the impact of their attitudes and decisions. With Al and Earnest’s relationship at the forefront, we start to get a better take on their family dynamic and just how close both cousins were before they chased the dream of being in the music industry. Van and Darius both have their personal episodes in this season but for the most part maintain the ideals they always had. Darius proved that even face of death brought on by Teddy Perkins, his mantra was still foolproof. Love can bring about great things, and that positive energy protects him even in the face of adversity. And while Vanessa still cares for Earnest and knows he is a great father, she is aware their situation isn’t the best couple wise and will continue to live her best life. Even if it means potentially taking a picture with card board cut out Drake! But seriously, she did consider it, maybe just a little. So how will Atlanta continue to thrive? Simply put, Paper Boy needs to blow up per Earnest’s assistance! No more booking free shows or staying in some crazy chick’s apartment. After you frame someone by placing your gun in another man’s bag at the airport of all places, you better be serious about perfecting your craft! And I think we all would love to see Al perform live or record with some popular producers. Donald Glover has a done a great job keeping us all in suspense about where their journey will lead them and how they will have each other’s back when everything is on the line. Now is the time to pull the trigger and make some big things happen!

Finally, the world of Power has taken unpredictable dramatic turns in the last two seasons. From the death of Raina to that period where Tasha and Angela worked together, the show has truly lived up to its name where everyone is jockeying for position to stay alive and out of trouble. Kanan is dead, which via his Instagram account has given Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ample time in the director’s chair. And if he was that much of a savage on the show, imagine what he could be cooking up behind the scenes. Now let’s get the obvious thought out of the way. I do not believe that Angela is gone! Whether she is or not, the fact that Tommy was the culprit and Ghost knows, means that a full out war is going to happen. I mean everyone joked about how he screamed louder for Angela being shot than when he found out about Raina, right? But in all seriousness, I did like the raw emotion Omari Hardwick showed this season as Ghost, wrestling with the loss of his daughter. But I never would’ve expected for him, Tommy and Tasha to have a fallout this bad. Not to mention Tariq still wants to learn how to hustle. Despite their shaky last episode, Power is set up for an explosive comeback. The key to them having another successful season is keeping that same energy! Meaning, no more negotiating or working for the good of the drug connect or for personal reasons. Ghost should be infuriated at this point and my hope is he will reach for outside help to beat his enemies. At this point, it would be crazy for him to think he can trust Tommy, Tasha, Rashad Tate, or anyone in his inner circle. Plus, I hope they find a way to still use the club as a front for illegal activities considering that was the foundation of mysteriousness for the show and Ghost’s way out of the criminal life. The going along routine and turning on said person has gotten old. Now is the time for expressing the real and not turning back. James St. Patrick should want vengeance!

I have faith that my favorites will not disappoint and provide us with some new laughs and drama along the way. All three series have kept fans intrigued from their witty dialogue to compelling turns in storyline ushering in a new wave of black television. New stars are being developed which will propel them into more projects that we will be able to look forward to watching. So just relax people! Once the snow melts or degrees of your city raise, it’ll be time to clear your schedule again on Thursday and Sunday nights for some incredible programming. Stay tuned!



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