You Got This

You Got This

I’m not sure about you, but this week has been super crazy for me. Between not feeling good in my body, to preparing for back to school, working on my business, and having to deal with people on different levels along with their energy they put off; has been extremely exhausting! But guess what, I’m still here pushing & moving forward, why? Because I got this!!

Let’s be real, life is going to throw us blows all the time, but we have to know how to handle them & how to not let them effect our everyday lives. The key is, knowing that everyday won’t be perfect, but perfect is “HE” who made the day. Knowing that nothing is put on us that we can’t bare. I find that speaking to my situation helps ease the load. Although I don’t see results right away, I know that in due season everything will come together. I haven’t always had this mentality, and honestly, sometimes I forget about my own words because I focus more on the current state and have to shake myself a bit to get back on track. Worrying and stressing will not solve anything, it only makes matters worse.

So no matter what you’re encountering or have encountered this week & in weeks to come, remember “YOU GOT THIS”. Your troubles or struggles won’t last always. There’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your head up, remember, speak life to yourself & the situation & watch the universe give back to you what you put out.

Today’s affirmation:
Even with tears in my eyes, I will forever say, I got this!

Until Next Time ♥️
~April Monét

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