Women in Entrepreneurship: Tips to Start Up Your Business


Women in Entrepreneurship: Tips to Start Up Your Business

By: That Riverz Gurl

As women, we love to fantasize about what our dreams are and the type of business we would love to own. That is why God gave women a vision – so that we can write down our goals, follow through with them and make them come true.

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Women are filled with ambitions, intelligence, happiness, strength, courage and many more.  Our ideas are flawless and we stand firm to what we want in life, and that is to achieve!  A lot of businesses women get into includes: cooking, mentoring, real estate, life coaching, motivational speaker, writing, ministries, editing services, styling hair, sewing, etc.


It all started out as a seed and as it grew, it became a vision which becomes a business. As a woman who wants to own her own business, it takes a great deal of hard work, focus and of course passion for what you love the most.


Tips for start-up business/Steps

1.) Build a strong network. You need people in your corner that are willing to help you brand yourself and are willing to help your business grow and to expand. These types of people can be your family, friends, or even your mentor/mentors.

2.) Create a clear vision of the future. Do a little bit of research as far as how you are going to operate your business. Make sure you write down how you vision yourself. For example if you want to start your own sewing business, write down what type of clothes you are willing to sew and for what part in your community or if you are planning on expanding your business nationwide or globally. Just make sure that what you are trying to do is clear to yourself. Include how the business will move in five to ten years.

3.) Put a plan together to achieve your vision. Basically with this step, just make sure you include how you want your business to work step by step and what you are planning on doing to make it succeed.

4.) Establish a routine of healthy habits. This is a very important step because a lot of women or people that have their own business overwork themselves to the point that their health starts to fail and they don’t get enough sleep in the day. It is very important that you manage your business properly and wisely. Set aside some hours where you are willing to work on your business and deal with clients. If your business is at home, be sure to separate your personal life with your business life. Choose a time of the day that works well with your schedule. For instance if you are a morning person, then maybe it is best to set aside 5 hours in the morning to do work then take a break and do other things so that your mind is still occupied. But never overwork yourself where it leads to stress or sometimes frustrations. Balance is the key!So, whether you already have your business or are trying to start one, follow your visions and work hard towards your dreams. I myself am trying to start my own writing business for writing customized poetry for special occasions. Whatever you are trying to do, go for it and dream BIG!


Patrice Rivers is the owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrandCheck out her website at www.patricerivers.com

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