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VH1’s Girls Cruise is more than a show; a lesson on Women Empowerment

By: That Riverz Brand

Two words; Girls Cruise! Yass hunty! If you haven’t been watching that show, then you are sleeping on good TV. Girls Crusise starring Lil’Kim, Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas, B. Simone, Vella “Pretty Vee” Excell, Tiffany Panhilason, Mya and Char Defrancesco isn’t your average reality show with chairs being thrown and the excess drama, but a show where a group of women and man from different walks of life get together on a big cruise and embrace on empowerment. Women empowerment is a phrase that is used too loosely in society, but watching Girl’s Cruise, it’s the real deal on how to support one another.

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This sexy and sassy empowering but hilarious show first aired on July 15th with Lil’ Kim the Queen B decided to take some friends on a cruise to have fun, get to know one another and just relax.  As you all should know, Chilli with the “baby hairs” had an issue with letting down her hair (and baby hairs of course), but throughout the show, she was able to loosen up a little sipping on her refreshed ice water and have fun.  There was even a moment on the show where Chilli played “mama bear” to rising comedian and Founder of “Beauty By B.Simone” which by the way launches in five more days when she opened up to some of the castmates including Char Defrancesco who is Lil’ Kim’s BFF about the relationship with her mother.  That moment was a very touching one because as women we spend a lot of energy tearing each other down instead of lifting one another up when things aren’t going well.  That scene was the prime example of what women empowerment looks like.  Each person has dealt or is dealing with their own flaws and insecurities.

Being in the entertainment is not all that caked up to be as people may think because as humans and as celebrities, they are human too! Vena “Pretty Vee” who stars in MTV’s Wildin Out and a comedian has dealt with a lot of insecurities from the way she looks.  There was a particular scene where they went to the Carnival in Trinidad and each person dressed in a special outfit.  Everyone was ready and waiting on Pretty Vee whose outfit took literally six hours to put on because she wanted to look “perfect” But when Chilli, B. Simone and Pretty Vee was talking, she admitted how she was called “a roach from Men in Black” or being called “the lizard from the Geico commercial,” Defrancesco reminded her how beautiful she was and her shape was fine.  Those type of issues is what a lot of women go through today.  Hopefully there will be a season two of this show with a different group of women and man.




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