Ways To Give Your Desk Office a Make-over


Ways To Give Your Desk Office a Make-over

By: That Riverz Gurl

Ladies you know how we do it! Organizing things is our specialty with a hint of girl power in there. If you have your own personal workplace at home or at work, then giving your desk a makeover wouldn’t be a great idea.  There are tons of ways to organize your work area without breaking the bank.  Here is a list of some neat things your desk should have!

194703.065_MovieSeq_001Clorox wipes: There is nothing wrong with having a clean area. Nobody wants a dirty workplace, so make it a habit to keep some Clorox or Lysol wipes on your desk.  It is perfect for wiping the toilet seats at work and during flu and cold season.  Keep the germs away!

811qIWaVfQL._SX466_Paper Tray: Staying organized is a great way to keep your bills and paper work squared away. If you are a secretary at your job, this will definitely come in handy!

bdfb3075-dcce-4dc2-ad56-a96334e0a7ed_1.a83d0c332510738119386a0dd7e2f863Desktop heater: If you are the type of person that gets cold at your job everyday like I do, make sure you invest in a heater. Where I work at it’s very cold in the building, so my co-worker brought a heater to keep our legs warm at all times.


Coffee Warmer: Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, a warmer will do you wonders if you drink hot chocolate or hot tea. Amazon always has great products for a great price.

A mirror for your desk: Now ladies, I know some of you are guilty for looking in the mirror about forty times a day. I can honestly say that I do that on a daily basis.  I need to look at my hair to make sure that there isn’t frizz or if my lipstick is on right.  Y’all know how that goes! But having a mirror at your desk comes in handy at all times.  If you ate pizza or a salad for lunch and you want to check your teeth, you can do it right at your desk instead of making that extra trip to the bathroom.

c0acae757c660b149298e81c9b631b37Cute stapler: Who wants a boring looking stapler when you can staple papers and reports in style! Try buying a unicorn or a cat stapler.

images (2)Stress Toys: We all know how people can get on our nerves at work or pushing for a deadline on a presentation or a special project. Having a couple of stress toys lying around can come in handy.  You will learn to be relaxed while at work without going home with a headache or becoming upset.

355094_o01_office_depot_brand_retractable_ballpoint_pens_with_grip_6_pack_060719Great smooth pens: “Sandra do you have a pen that I can borrow?” Does that sound familiar? Make sure you get some good writing pens with the ball point or the smooth pens that write really well. I like to use paper mate and the ball point pens because they write smoothly and they don’t skip a mark while writing or signing something.

download (4)Desk Lamp: If your place of work has little light, you might want to invest in a little desk lamp. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just to get the job done.

718soa6qsyL.SX500Time-Marked Water Bottle: During a busy work week, we must make sure that we keep hydrated. A lot of boss babes have meetings all day or traveling for client events, so having a water bottle handy will keep you right on track.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up your work place so that it doesn’t look boring. Who needs a boring work space when you can bring personality to it.  Bring sunshine to the dark spaces in your space!



Patrice Rivers is an entertainment and lifestyle writer, journalist, blogger and owner of That Riverz Gurl Brand. Check out her website at www.patricerivers.com  Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurlbrand

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