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Ever turned on your Spotify or iTunes app, in search of great music? Find yourself jamming to Hip-Hop or Soul? Well we have just what you’re looking for! Meet Tylre, an Artist who not only can give you the best of both worlds, but who without a doubt needs to be on your musical playlist!

Representing Harrisburg, PA, Tylre Avery is a Rapper and Producer, with a strong passion for music! Tylre says that he became interested in pursuing a career as a Rapper, the moment he realized that he didn’t want to work a 9 to 5 for the rest of his life; which was at a very young age.

With his motivation varying day by day, Tylre stresses how he is truly motivated by people around him, his family, and his friends that have stayed with him throughout his journey.

“I’m motivated by what I lack, as an incentive to go and get it. I’m motivated by great Music and Musicians that I look up to. When I was younger, entertainers like Diddy, Jay-Z, and Kanye West made rap look so effortless, and I wanted in.”



“I’m a Lyricist who makes music for people who like meaningful lyrics, witty lyrics, and Hip-Hop listeners who are looking for something more soulful, but still want to jam in the club.”


Though the pursuit of his dream career had a few challenges, that did not stop Tylre’s grind! Tylre tells us that his biggest challenge was direction.

“So many Artists are passionate and working hard making great Music, but don’t know anyone to give them that breakthrough, don’t know how to reach the audience they need – All because they don’t know these industry formulas. I went years without knowing which direction to go. It’s so frustrating.

You’ll hear mainstream Artists answer this question all the time, “What advice do you have for up and coming Artists?” And their answer is always so generic. They all say the same thing: “believe in yourself,” || “Trust your gut,” || “Trust God,” things that we’ve all heard before.

They never tell people to build a team, find an entertainment lawyer, find a Publicist, own your copyright, own your publishing, save money to travel to different cities whenever you need to, network, develop your image, form a marketing plan. They make it seem like they appeared onto the Music scene out of nowhere, when really they had to pay their dues and had the opportunity to pay their dues and the people around them to help.

What about those great Musicians who may not be from Atlanta or NYC or LA and don’t have those resources? What about those people who are making Music and aimlessly promoting all by themselves and getting completely ignored? They’re just as passionate and hard working. I’m from Harrisburg, PA. We have really good Tech schools in our area. A few football players came from here. But there’s Musicians here who have been doing Music for years and never been in this magazine because they had no direction for where to get their Music heard or who you have to know to reach these platforms. These platforms are myths where I’m from.

It’s so frustrating to work hard for years and get nowhere. It makes you feel like a failure, after putting in just as much effort as any mainstream Artist. I don’t go through this problem now though. I learned the game enough, failed a few times and got back up enough to know how I need to reach my audience. And I still have a lot more to learn. I try to spread all the knowledge I can though.”

Tylre got his first big break as a Rapper when he performed in NYC in 2014! For Tylre, it was the first-time people outside of his hometown actually heard his music. (BOSS Status!) When choosing songs for event, he always considers the venue and the type of audience.

“Nobody wants to perform a song for the strip club during a women empowerment event, ya know. I’m always prepared. I’m prepared right now. I practice performing like a boxer trains in the ring. I exercise, I practice breathing, I practice my songs, I study different performances. All I need before a performance is a few seconds to myself to thank God for the opportunity, and then on the stage I go.”



“My ultimate goal as a Rapper is to fulfill my true purpose. Music is my passion and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to make music. I believe that a person finds their purpose through their passion. I’d like to uplift people and change the entire world by completely expressing myself in my Music. I am proud of the way my music and journey has affected people!”

Tylre says he admires Nas, Kanye West, and Big Sean, because they are some of the most innovative Artists of the 21st century! If granted the opportunity, Tylre states that he would love to work with Big K.R.I.T., as he is one of his favorite artists and knows that he writes his own lyrics.

Rapping isn’t Tylre’s only talent, as he enjoys playing the Saxophone. Tylre tells Boss Up Magazine that he learned to play the Saxophone in high school, and still plays it from time to time. (Dope right?!)

If you’re interested in becoming a Rapper, Tylre has the following advice,


“Invest, invest, invest in yourself. Do not be afraid to put your money where your mouth is and invest in the best Music quality that you can. Invest in your production so that you own it. Invest in a team. Invest in your self-image. Keep friends around you who are on the same path as you. I wish that I would have known exactly what to invest my money in, when it came to my career. I didn’t know the formula, so I didn’t know what to invest in.”

Make sure you keep up with Tylre and his music, as he is working on an EP entitled, “2 Weeks’ Notice,” and is also in the process of filming a video for his most recent song, “Water and Soil,” that was inspired by his last romantic interest!

If you’re interested in purchasing and listening to Tylre’s music, you can do so through Soundcloud, YouTube, and social media!

To book Tylre for events, you can do so via email at:

Make sure you follow Tylre on social media at:

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/tylreavery
IG: @tylreaverymusic
Twitter: @IAmTheLivest1

“I do follow back and respond.”

Tylre has the following final words for the readers:

“I’m thankful for being featured in Boss Up Magazine. I wish success to every individual who get a hold of this article.”


Until next time..

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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