Tyler Holmes


Meet Tyler C. Holmes! The Travel Vlogger representing Chicago, IL!

@tylercollins01 is an adventurous go-getter that gives her audience a thorough perspective of traveling to countries, from a black millennial woman’s perspective.

Not only that, but she creates travel diaries full of reviews on various restaurants, museums, the Bayram festival, and general vlogging.

So what sparked Tyler’s travel interests? Tyler tells us that it was from a childhood experience in high school. In fact, during her junior year of high school, she attended Roger C. Sullivan High School, where she was chosen from her honors program to join the exchange program. She had a German exchange student named Leonie that stayed with her and her family for a few weeks, and vice versa when she went to Hamburg, Germany. Tyler tells us that when she went to Germany, her mind was shocked in a positive way; from experiencing new cultures, languages, to loving new foods, and meeting amazing people that she still call friends after 8 years.

CEO Quote: “I love traveling. I made the decision at 16 years old that my 20s are meant for traveling and I am fulfilling my goal.” – Tyler Holmes | The Travel Vlogger.

Make sure you keep up with Tyler and her travel diaries via her YouTube Channel: filmsuga92.

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