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Need a candle to help set the tone in your home? Are you tired of using products that just arent doing the trick? Do you have itchy skin or dry skin? Looking for a great product worth including in your daily skin regimen? Well we have just the right product for you, and we are sure you will get phenomenal results! Meet The Natural Bliss Collection!

All the way from Washington, DC, Rhonda J. has a true passion for healthy skin and loves what she does! Not only is Rhonda a Customer Service Manager with American Airlines, she is also the CEO and Owner of The Natural Bliss Collection! (True BOSS!) So what’s her motivation? For Rhonda, her daughter Savannah is her motivation, with failure not being an option! (Yessss!!) Rhonda says that everything she does is with Savannah in mind first, as she is her biggest fan! (AWWW!)


“I wanted to ensure that The Natural Bliss Collection was providing the best products. When so many people expect you to fail, I work harder. I’m also set out to beat the odds.”

If you’re interested in creating your own skin care company or products, Rhonda gives the following advice,

“Stay consistent! Do your research and put God FIRST! “

So how did The Natural Bliss Collection begin? Rhonda became tired of purchasing candles, butters, and lotions out of the store that simply wasn’t giving her the results she was looking for, and she wanted a solution. For Rhonda, being a woman of color with a mixed background, created difficulty for her finding the right products for her skin. Well while she was out on maternity leave, she began making products, which has only gotten better and better! (BOOM!) With skin care being her number one focus, it’s no wonder why she decided to pursue a career in skin care! Rhonda tells us that this has always been her passion, as it is near and dear to her!

Rhonda.2Now with any new business, the beginning can come with some challenges. However, Rhonda did not let her challenges stop her! Rhonda tells us that she felt that there were so many other people doing what she was doing, which became a little bit discouraging as competition was fierce. However, she knew that her products are made from the heart and are created because she loves it. So why not do what you love and make money at the same time? (Ching! Ching!)

So what is The Natural Bliss Collection? We’re so happy you asked! The Natural Bliss Collection offers hand poured customized massage oils, candles made from scratch, whipped body butters, bath bombs, and body scrubs. (Nice!) Not only is The Natural Bliss Collection perfect for ultimate skin care, Rhonda also makes it for various occasions such as parties, bridal showers, and special events. (Dope right!?)


If you’re interested in purchasing your very own products from The Natural Bliss Collection, you can do so on Rhonda’s website:

Make sure you keep up with Rhonda and The Natural Bliss Collection, as she is launching a “Perv” Collection, which will have items named something slightly provocative and romantic. (Ow! Ow! Ow!) Follow Rhonda and The Natural Bliss on social media at:

Instagram: @thenaturalblisscollection

Facebook: The Natural Bliss Collection

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