Today I Choose Me



Today I Choose Me

In life we tend to put others before ourselves, a tendency most women (and some men) have. But have you realized that the more you put others first, the more you’re taken for granted or put last by those you’ve put first?

Today I declare to CHOOSE ME & I ask you to do the same & CHOOSE YOU!! Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t love or care about others well being or circumstances, of course not, but it’s now time for you to love and care for yourself the same way you’ve been doing for others.

Let’s be real, most people could care less about you neglecting yourself to help them, all they see is their need or want. You better believe that as soon as you stop “putting out” per-say, you’re going to pick up on some vibes, attitudes, and even an exchange of words (HA!). If someone is upset because you decided to focus and care for you, instead of them, WALK AWAY!

Remove yourself from those toxic individuals who are noting but opportunist and begin loving & taking care of you again. No more coming to the rescue and aid of everyone else & leaving you for dead. Rise up & step into a new you! Say, “Today I choose me”, mean it and do it! You’ll begin to feel so much better and down the line, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Today’s Affirmation: Today I choose me, for me, because I love me…unapologetically.


Until Next Time ♥️

~April Monét

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