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Meet Tiara Johnson of The Tiara J. Brand! Tiara represent Washington, D.C. and is an Author, Wardrobe Stylist, Speaker, Event Host, and Mentor.    Her book Dear Young Woman is an anthology of women who overcame obstacles and decided to take the hand they were dealt and still win.The book caters to women of 16-45, discusses life through a woman’s eyes, and allows readers to relate to each and every story – which Tiara says is actually a piece of who she is! So what inspired Tiara to write her book? Tiara says that she asked God to expand her horizons, which then led her to the seeing a post about authors wanted for the book. Tiara ultimately responded to the post and was selected to be a part of the anthology. Although it was challenge with deciding on which part of her life to tell, Tiara says seeing her work in print made her so overwhelmed with emotion that I cried the first two days of its release.

If you’re an aspiring Author, Tiara has the following advice,

“Write in your most authentic truest form.”

Fashion is another piece of Tiara that shines through her gifts. Tiara has always been into style and fashion since she was little girl, and says that fashion it comes naturally to her.  Her styles cater to the everyday career woman that style and flair, between the ages of 27-45, and has been featured on the VMA, MTV, parties, concerts, on tour, her local community events, and fashion shows.

“Fashion has always been a passion. I love color, prints, fabrics, and more! I love the everyday casual everyday chic looks. If I had the opportunity, I would love to work with Kelley Rowland, and Mary J Blige.”

If you are an aspiring Wardrobe Stylist, Tiara has the following advice,

“Create your own lane and stay in it.”

Event planning is another gift that Tiara embraces and has been for the previous two years. Initially Tiara face the challenge of not knowing if her work would be seen as just something else everybody else does, but she did not let it stop her from pushing forward. With her love of curating events and creating an avenue of all things, women’s empowerment, culture, fashion, unity and more, Tiara was motivated to begin her career in event planning.

“My goal as an Event Planner is to make everyone that attends my events feel their best, and leave motivated to become the very best version of themselves.”

Conference, brunches, and masterclasses are the main events she plans and offers services for initial event planning, decorating, social media promotional flyers, order of event, and content of event.  

If you’re an aspiring event planner, Tiara has the following advice,

“Keep going. Start planning events for the family and then allow them to be the mouth piece for your event planning business.”

Make sure you keep up with Tiara as she has a lifestyle line for the Tiara J Brand launching the Fall of 2020.

“Always trust yourself, the process, and most importantly, God Staying the course, and trusting the process has been the business advice to keep me grounded in all my business endeavors.”

If you would like to support, collaborate, or connect with Tiara – you can do so via:

Website: www.thetiarajbrand.com

Instagram:@iam_tiaraj (personal)

Instagram:@thetiarajbrand. (business)

Blog: www.thetiarajbrand.com/blog

YouTube: www.youtu.be/0ZgqpGhasal

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