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Ever wondered just how your favorite Rapper got to where they are today? Ever wondered about what it takes to be Rapper? Well we got the scoop on it all with our interview with Rapper Austin Poe. Check it out…

Repping Chicago, IL, Austin Poe is a Business Man, Music Artist, and Entrepreneur. Austin states that his life has always been his motivation; and with having the odds stacked against him, it motivated him to live a comfortable life and leave a foundation after himself.

Growing up, Austin listened to music every day and he always had a love for music and freestyling. Austin’s career originally started off with the hobby of going to the studio with his friends, but it soon started to take off! When he started seeing the reaction of people listening to his music, he realized not only was he good at it, but it was time to start taking his music career to the next level.

So who is Austin Poe? His original rap name was E-Money, because that’s what everybody knew him as before he started doing music. He eventually outgrew the name E-Money musically, which soon brought to life the name “Austin Poe.” Austin is actually his middle name and Poe is a play-off word, for words like poet, poetry, writer, and etc.


What is Zoony Life? “Zoony Life is the vision, the foundation & more!! Zoony life is all about chasing your dreams bringing your vision to life, knowing that nothing is impossible & just enjoying this life……..Zoony Life.”

Just keep up the good vibes & live this Zoony Life!”

For Austin, he faced many challenges in the beginning of his career, but it did not stop him! He struggled with learning the music business and financially putting up an abundance of money to further his career. Austin tells us that this is a typical challenge of most artists. However, Austin stated that he wishes that he would have just followed his first instincts from the start, as there were too many people around giving him direction for his music. Now, every move that he makes is his 100%.

“This is a money game & you have to invest in yourself, there is no way around it. So you want to make sure you set up financially so you don’t go broke in this business.”



“My ultimate goal as a rapper is just to keep inspiring people through my music & building an empire for people around me, so that we can work for ourselves.”

“If you’re interested in being a Rapper, my advice is do your research, invest the money in yourself, & go hard don’t let up. Be yourself & you will be golden.”


Austin’s music falls into the genre of Hip-Hop and is geared for people that love dope vibes! However, people that love music can appreciate it as well. Austin’s got his first big break, receiving major radio play in Chicago! He thought it was pretty dope of his hometown to show him so much love! (Chi-Town stand up!) Not only that, Austin’s music has been played on a tv show on MTV, where it caught the ears of millions!! (Now that’s dope!!) He also recently shot a video in L.A. called, “Picture Me Rollin.” The song is geared to give people overall motivation, as well as motivation on staying focused when pursuing your goals. So we got to the nitty gritty of who Austin is motivated by the most in the music industry, and this what he had to say,

“The person that motivates me the most is artist Nipsey Hussle. Just from the music & all the business endeavors that he has going on, doing all this while staying independent. Laid down the formula for people like us. If given the opportunity, I would work with Jay-Z. Jay always going to give you them jewels on the track, that be epic no doubt.”

When it comes to performing, sequence is the key! Austin makes sure to give the audience an introduction of who he is, and then he continues to build it up with each song that he performs, in order to get and keep the momentum up. Austin stated that he uses this method in choosing which songs to perform to. Austin also gives himself 30 minutes to an hour of practice, to prepare for live performances and to perfect his craft! (Practice makes perfect!)

Music isn’t the only thing that Austin has always been into, as he is into taking dope photos, scenery, and wants to get more into art. Austin’s music can be purchased the website, as well as on all platforms, including iTunes, Google Play. To find his music, simply type in “Austin Poe.” Make sure you keep up with Austin, as he will be dropping new videos and projects in 2018!

If you’re interested in booking Austin for any events or projects, you can contact him via email:

To keep up with Austin and his music, follow his social media:

Instagram | Twitter: @AustinPoe_



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“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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