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Ever sat and watched videos online of make-up tutorials? Ever wanted to learn how to do a certain task? Wanted feedback about a product, before you purchased it? Do you utilize YouTube? Well we interviewed a true BOSS of YouTube, who has a channel that you need to subscribe to ASAP! Check it out…

All the way from Chicago, IL, Shannon Renee is a true BOSS!! Not only is she an HR Manager at a Manufacturing company, but she is also a freelance Make-Up Artist who creates YouTube content. (Dope right?) For Shannon Renee, make-up is a fierce passion turned hustle! (Boom!)

With her 3-year-old Daughter Autumn being her daily motivator, Shannon Renee strives to show Autumn that she can be a BOSS as a woman, and that possibilities in life are truly endless. Shannon Renee aspires to be a great example to Autumn, while proving to her that she can do anything that she sets her mind to; as long as she wants it bad enough. (YESSSS Wonder Woman!)

Though make-up is LIFE for Shannon Renee, video blogging is currently a hobby. Shannon Renee tells us that she enjoys her career as a Human Resources Manager and is extremely proud of all of her experience and growth within the company she works for. Shannon Renee tells us that she has 6+ years of Human Resources experience, has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a MBA, and has worked her way up in her company! (TRUE BOSS STATUS!)

“The goal is to become an HR Director before I am 35. I strongly believe that I am meant to be a boss and I CAN have my cake and eat it too. I can be successful in HR as well as on YouTube. Yes, there will be long days and long nights because I have so many things on my plate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

So what made Shannon Renee interested in video blogging? We’re glad you asked! In today’s world, social media seems to be the top source for finding out what’s hot! And for Shannon Renee, “Snapchat” opened the door for her! Shannon Renee stated,

“When Snapchat first came out I was like, “What is this and how do you work this thing!?” My niece who was in college at the time (yes I have a niece that old lol) gave me a tutorial when she was home for winter break. I sent my first snap and immediately became hooked. I’d snap about my life of course, but I would really highlight my love for makeup (without even really knowing it). I’d do product reviews, how-to’s, share my makeup tips and tricks, or just show off my beat. People were very receptive to this and I’d often get asked “why aren’t you doing YouTube” or people would say “I think you would be great on YouTube”. So, I thought long and hard and decided to just go for it.” (You go girl!)

For Shannon Renee, she enjoys the ability to educate and provide useful information, and why not do it via video! She is all about making a positive impact, as well as being a positive representative of Black Women. Shannon Renee’s YouTube channel is geared towards beauty and lifestyle, and currently focuses on makeup tutorials, skin care, makeup how to’s, product reviews, and first impressions! Though Shannon Renee just started video blogging aka vlogging, she has fashion and hair tutorials coming soon! (Such a BOSS!)

“I love makeup, I love doing my makeup, educating people on makeup, buying makeup, and doing other people’s makeup. I’m also a girly girl that loves to look fly, hence why the fashion and hair content will be coming real soon. There is a shortage of Black Beauty Bloggers in the makeup community, and I just felt that I could add a lot of value here.”

As we all know, the make-up community is very trendy, with new products and brands daily! For Shannon Renee, most of her viewers want to see her reviews or first impressions on new products! They also enjoy her videos on make-up topics such as highlighting, contour, how to cut crease eye makeup looks, and more! Though Shannon Renee took a break to study for a certification exam in the HR Field, she is totally back to her regular uploading schedule. To date, Shannon Renee currently has 130 subscribers and 24 videos on her YouTube channel, with uploads 2x a week. (Weerrrkkkk!!)


“I would tell the aspiring video blogger to just do it. Start creating content now. Stop second guessing yourself just jump right in, you’ll figure it out as you go trust me. Everyone has to start somewhere. Know that there will be long hours that you’re going to have to put into it to make it work, but it will work as long as you stay consistent and be yourself. No one can be you better than you can.”
“It is difficult to get your name out there because the market is so saturated. It’s hard to get noticed because, let’s be honest, people tend to follow/subscribe to people who already have a big following or subscriber base. Yes, I am currently facing these issues, but my plan is to stay diligent, consistently upload, and put out fire content. YouTube is a large platform, but I am confident that the subscribers will come because of the quality of the content that I put out. The subscribers will come I know it!”

Shannon Renee’s first big break as a blogger was when she created her “Wunderbow In-Depth Review” video. The video received the most views out of all f her videos, and is the #1 searched video on her channel, with consistent views coming in daily! (Yaaaassss!!) Though it was one of my earlier videos, where she felt the quality could have been better, it’s no doubt that the information provided was dead on and people continued watch it.


“Learning to relax in front of the camera and allow your personality to shine through, is the most difficult thing about video blogging. You’re literally sitting there talking to a camera, but you have to find a way to talk to that camera, as if it was your home girl or bestie. For me, I really enjoy being in a space where I can totally be myself, and be as candid and as real as I want to be! “

“I believe that when it comes to knowledge and information, sharing is caring, and that’s what I do in each and every one of my videos. I like viewers to leave feeling like they’ve learned something new or different from my content. People like real and can see right through fake personalities and unoriginal content.”
“Videos just don’t go viral overnight! Some people get lucky and this does happen, but video blogging takes long hours, creativity, commitment, and most importantly consistency. Don’t upload for 2 or 3 weeks and watch your subscriber count drop, its brutal! lol”

Shannon Renee says that a big common misconception about vlogging is that people think that it is easy and that your video will go viral overnight, which she states is absolutely not true! Shannon Renee tells us that it is more complicated than one may believe. For Shannon Renee, she is self-taught. She had to learn everything on her own, such as using the proper equipment, to creating a great high-quality video, editing the proper way, creating a clickable thumbnail, and knowing how to properly market myself. (Whew!!) It’s exciting for Shannon Renee, but she says that she’s learned a lot and still has more to learn! And no doubt about it, Shannon Renee says that she has had major growth from her very first video, to her most recent video. Though she is not quite where she wants to be, she knows that things are only going UP from now!
Shannon Renee’s YouTube channel isn’t the only place where she’s recognized! Again, social media takes the win!! Shannon Renee tells us that she uploaded a picture on Instagram, of her wearing a lipstick from a Black owned brand, called The Lip Bar! Shannon Renee tagged them in her photo, and guess what? They liked and commented on her photo! (Dope right?!)
Not only is Shannon Renee making waves on social media, she is currently working on creating some fashion look book videos, and some easy how-to hair styles videos! (We love it!) Though Shannon Renee doesn’t have any upcoming events or shows, you can ALWAYS catch new uploads weekly, on her YouTube channel. This BOSS doesn’t just stop at HR Managing and Vlogging, as she also provides makeup services and one-on-one makeup sessions. (Boom!)

Be sure to keep your eye on Shannon Renee, as she tells Boss Up Magazine that she loves writing and may have her very own written blog in the future! (She’s the biggest BOSS we’ve seen thus far! #RickRossVoice)

If you’re interested in booking Shannon Renee for any of her services, you can do so by:
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Make sure you keep up with Shannon Renee by following her social media at:
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Shannon Renee also has a final comment for all of the readers:
“Thanks so much Boss Up Magazine for the feature! I am truly honored and love the content that this magazine puts out, so uplifting, informative, and inspirational. Keep up the good work.”


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