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Do you have dreams to travel and see the world? Want to travel, but unsure if you can handle traveling alone? Wanting to plan a nice getaway or experience some amazing culture? Well we spoke with a true BOSS who makes traveling a priority!

Born and raised in Southern California, Minci Sekou Stenson is a Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse. Having a positive attitude that could change someone’s perspective on life, is her daily motivation and she has a true passion for traveling!

Minci recently took a month-long trip to Africa, which was a trip she planned for a year prior. Minci tells us that she decided to visit Africa to learn more about the culture, to meet the people, and to feel where we came from. (Such a Boss!)



Though Minci prefers to travel alone, she has mainly traveled with her Mother and friends.

“When I travel alone, I find that I am forced to meet new people and explore more without any pressure. In 2017 I was able to visit 15 countries. Next year one of my major trips is going to be carnival in Trinidad!”



When asked about three places that she would revisit, Minci told us that she would travel to Egypt, Greece, and Spain. Here are the exclusive details:



Egypt: “I would revisit Egypt because I feel like there was so much history, that I need one more trip to see everything. Plus, everyone made me feel so welcomed there.”

Greece: “I would revisit Greece because Greece was a magical place for me; I felt at peace.”

Spain: “I would revisit Spain because I feel like their country has so much to offer. It has everything you are looking for in a country, from partying, to relaxing on the beach, to cultural activities. You could never get bored of these places!”

Unfortunately, Minci tells us that Bogotá, Columbia is a place that she doesn’t want to revisit.

“I felt invisible there. The crime rate was high, so I had to be cautions the entire time which is stressful.”


During her travels, Minci has acquired some fantastic memories, with Egypt being the most unforgettable. Minci tells us,

“While in Egypt, I was walking down the street and a lady sent her kids to hug me, and I didn’t understand why. Then she proceeded to take her garment off and place it on my head, while saying welcome home and thank you for not being scared to come to my country.”


Minci also tells us about a few cultural shocks she experienced! Minci stated,

In Kenya, we went to the Masai villages. They make their homes out of cow poop and there were flies everywhere, even all over the kids. It was very difficult to stay focused while swatting flies and trying to not step in poop, however, the experience and what we learned was priceless.

Egypt was also a culture shock, when I saw that the people live in houses and apartments with no roof, because they don’t want to pay taxes. Even though I felt safe in Egypt, I had to walk around with an armed undercover cop just in case someone wanted to harm us.

Vietnam was a culture shock, and I call it the city with no space boundaries. The people have no consideration for your space, and everyone is running into each other. It got so intense that I ended up back at my hotel room, because I couldn’t relax. I was constantly thinking someone could be stealing from me.

Minci’s traveling not only include cultural shocks, but it also includes interesting food tasting! Minci tells us that in Belize, she ate termites straight from the trees and that they tasted like carrrots! (WOWZERS!!)


One of the main reasons I travel is to be able to bring awareness to people, so that they can feel comfortable traveling outside of the United States. We are one of the only countries that don’t get out much. So as I travel I share my experiences though pictures and video. I also help people plan trips for themselves, because I have the patience to find the deals and do the research. Traveling has opened my eyes, as well as made me a better person in understanding diverse cultures; not only personally but with my career as well. I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything.”

When asked where she would go, if given $5,000, Minci tells us that she would go to Antarctica. Minci says that it could be due to not many people traveling there, but there is definitely something magical to her about Antarctica! Minci says that it’s been on her heart and that she is praying that she can go visit this year!

If you’re wanting or planning to travel to an exotic place or around the world, Minci has the following advice:

“To be able to travel and actually have an amazing experience is to first have an open mind. Having an open mind and seeing the country through the eyes of the people will help ease the anxiety and help you have more fun. I also advise people to indulge in the culture, hang with the locals to get the full experience but also still be aware of your surroundings. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new most likely it won’t kill you.”


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Until next time….
“Boss Up and Be Blessed”


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  1. Hello Cousin Minci,
    I told you that you should be on the cover of magazines. I see that you made it. Thanks for sharing your adventure and positive attitude. You have a great profession with many opportunities. You are a great inspiration and role model for young ladies, especially black young ladies! I can’t wait to see you again at the 2018 Family Reunion. Continue to enjoy yourself and may God continue to bless you!

    Your Cousin,
    Barbara (Stewart) Alexander

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