The SLAY Queen!

Taking photos soon, but aren’t quite photoshoot ready? Do you have an upcoming event, that you know requires a FIERCE look? Want your make-up done, but unsure of who to go to? Well we have just the right person for you, who can give you an unbelievable SLAY! Meet Philisha Asia!

All the way from Los Angeles, CA, Philisha Asia is the Make-Up Artist that can slay your look like no other! (Chile…!) With Jesus being her prime motivation, as well as becoming her own BOSS being her motivation, Philisha’s passion of make-up is nothing but FIERCE!

Her eye for makeup started young and it continued to grow with Philisha throughout her life. Though makeup was not her original passion, that did not stop Philisha. Initially, Philisha went to school for medicine. So what sparked the passion of make-up for Philisha? One day, after watching a video of someone else applying make-up, she casually stated to herself, “I can do that”, and picked up a brush to try it out for herself. After trying out it, Philisha realized what her true passion was! (BOOM!)

After that first transformation I literally felt a passion rise up inside of me and realized “This is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing” and I haven’t stopped yet!



While jumpstarting her business, Philisha dealt with a fear of small clientele, which she felt would hinder the growth of her business. However, Philisha quickly learned that her fear was no longer!

I’m so thankful that I’ve learned that my mouth is the most powerful tool. With me speaking life over my business, growth and success DAILY, I know God is going to continue to open doors I never thought were possible, because of my faith in him and the life I speak into myself daily. Makeup is MY gift but I’m very resourceful and if I don’t do it, I’m sure I know someone who can lol.

Get excited ladies because Philisha specializes in ALL types of makeup! She told us that she doesn’t put a limit on herself or her gift, and she lives by the scripture,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Amen!)

Philisha stated that her clients request nice, soft, natural looks OR the over top bold SLAY for the GODS look! Philisha says that she is here for them both! (YAAASSSS!!!) Philisha loves natural and glamour looks, and also enjoys creating outside of the box looks, bold colorful eye, fiercely stained lips, and of course DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA looks!






I always tell my clients to find an amazing mild soap for sensitive skin and wash your face!!!! I prefer plain baby wash. It’s not too harsh and doesn’t dry you out. I love it.




When asked which celebrity idol she would style, if given the opportunity, Philisha stated,



“So if you know me, you know I LOVE Queen Bey! Just to be in her presence doing her makeup means I have finally grown to the level God promised me. Its deep yall. Plus, she is the true definition of “Girl Power!”

“I provide services for ANY occasion. Honey if you want to go to the grocery store, I can do a nasty slay for you just for that! You do not have to be on a red carpet to look good! Lol!”




If you are interested in becoming a make-up artist, Philisha has the following advice,


“Pray and ask God for exactly what you want for your business first and foremost. Gain exposure by exhibiting your work on platforms such as social media, use your resources, network with others around you and those in the same industry, be accepting of criticism and always be willing to learn. Most importantly, believe in yourself no matter what people think or say. Use negative comments as strength and turn them positive. Hey at least someone is talking about you right?! What’s for you is for you and no one can take that from you. Never forget it. The world is yours, go get it!”

“Be positive, don’t let fear stop you from trying, trust God and enjoy your journey” #PhilishaAsia

If you are looking to book Philisha for her amazing services, you can do so via email:

Be sure to keep an eye on Philisha and her business, as she has many great upcoming events and opportunities for 2018! (Get excited!) You can follow Philisha on:

Instagram: @ptbmakeup — Let me know “Boss Up Magazine” sent you, I’ll hook you up.

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