The Nurse Coach and Consultant

Meet Michelle Rhodes! A Nurse Business Consultant from Tampa, FL – who is making some serious BOSS MOVES! Michelle is motivated by her Mother’s unfulfilled dream of becoming a nurse! This same motivation plays a factor of her writing a book!

“I decided to write my book to help nurses transition from bedside to boss!”

Michelle is a Masters prepared Nurse, VA Certified Mentor and Wellcoaches Health Coaching graduate. Michelle’s book “RNTERPRISE: Take your Nursing Knowledge and Emerge with an Entrepreneurial Passion in 90 Days” – provides the business basics to help lay the foundation of a Nurse/Healthcare Professional Owned business.
With her background being in health care, it’s no wonder that her book is
geared towards Health Care Professionals!

“My book only took me 4 months to publish, and seeing it in print was a dream come true! I wanted to empower the healthcare worker to know that they have the skills needed to become an awesome business owner. This book has changed my life, and little did I know that this book was much needed!”

Michelle began writing her book in January of 2017 and was able to self-publish it in May of 2017! (AMAZING!!!) With her having an amazing book coach, it’s no question that her journey was short lived! To date, Michelle has sold over 500 copies of her book and has also co-authored 3 consecutive books since her first one! (BOSS STATUS!)

Though Michelle is planning to take a break from writing books, she does however have a small coaching group of 10 Nurses that she is coaching as an Anthology project! Make sure you keep up with Michelle as she has a Holiday Empowerment Brunch coming up in December, which will be located in Tampa, FL. Also, Michelle will be Michelle will be cruising and launching her 10 Nurse Authors to Jamaica! If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Michelle’s book, you can do so via, and you connect with her at

Writing book isn’t Michelle’s only passion, as she is also a public speaker! With her topics of focus being Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and health and wellness of the black woman – Michelle is very passionate about public speaking and feels these topics embodies her.

“I ‘grew’ into public speaking as I realized people enjoyed the encouraging words that I spoke into their lives. My love for teaching, leading workshops over the years got me into public speaking. I joined Toastmasters and the rest was history.”

To date, Michelle has speaks at 4 events annually and currently does one paid speaking gig per quarter and it is growing. Along with her many talents, Michelle also offers Consulting with governmental organizations and corporations. Though her ultimate goal is to ger her programs into Nursing schools, Michelle feels that she is just getting started!

If you’re an entrepreneur on the rise, Michelle has the following advice,

“Consistency, serving, and fresh offerings.” “I wish I would have known how important coaches were, when I began my career. I attribute the bulk of my success toward their support.”

Make sure you keep up with Michelle and her journey via social media:

Instagram & Facebook: @michellerhodesonline

Twitter: @michelleronline

Michelle has these final words for our readers:

Never underestimate the power of a goal and execution!

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  1. Awesome individual, Michelle is very knowledgeable and respectful. Best wishes as a Leader and your motivational skills attracts as a magnet. It Is impossible to know how many lives you have changed, I will be honest you have a positive impact on mine. You have a Tribe behind you in the making. Love you Michelle, your personality and smile are contagious.

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