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Ladies, are you looking for healthy feminie products, to help keep you fresh and clean? Well we have just the right product for you, that can be found at a retail Target near you!! Meet The Honey Pot Company.

Representing Pheonix, AZ, Beatrice Feliu Espada is the founder/CEO of The Honey Pot Company, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market. It’s no wonder why this product is retail, as she is motivated to make The Honey Pot Company a household name and to one day be a global brand.

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The Honey Pot Company creates and sells healthy, natural feminine care products including washes, wipes and herbal pads, and has been in business for four years. The Honey Pot Company only uses plant-based ingredients such as; apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, marshmallow root extract, grapefruit seed extract, mint, rose, lavender and chlorine-free cotton.

“As for feminine care, I sort of fell into this profession after dealing with my own feminine issues for eight months. I became passionate about feminine care once I realized that most of the products and treatments on the market were contributing to the problem, and not helping to solve the problem. We want to be the healthy one-stop shop for all of a woman’s feminine care and feminine hygiene needs.”

Though creating feminine products wasn’t always Beatrice’s passion, she has always loved making her own skin and body care products.

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“I was dealing with a recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) infection for eight months that had me wondering if I would ever get off this roller coaster ride. Doctor’s visits, antibiotics and lots of wishing and hoping it would go away weren’t working for me. One night, I had a dream that changed everything. My ancestor presented me with a list of the ingredients that I needed to heal myself. I made the recipe and it worked! I had to share this gift with the world! That’s how The Honey Pot Company began.”

Beatrice tells us that she spent two years doing research and development for her products! She tested the formulas herself and then gave out samples to as many women as she could. Samples were given to women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and age groups. However, in jump-starting The Honey Pot Company, Beatrice faced a few challenges. Beatrice says that she wishes she would have known how hard it would be to raise money, as well as how much money it would cost to get her business off the ground.


“It’s very challenging how quickly you need money to grow your business and there’s no blueprint on how to best raise funds. Launching a consumer packaged goods company is very challenging. Originally we were bottling our washes by hand so there was a lot of challenges with manufacturing large quantities of product for trade shows. We had to really start from the ground up which takes a lot of time, dedication and perseverance. Also, it takes money. I had to continue working full time while building my business since I couldn’t pull money from my new company to live off of. It was a sacrifice but one that paid off!”

To date, The Honey Pot Company has sold over 100,000 products and is available in 1,011 Target stores nationwide, and are also available in 36 select Whole Foods stores in the Southeast! (YASSSSS!!!!) This Summer The Honey Pot Company will be launching a line of natural tampons, and later this year will be rolling out a few additional products! (#BLACKEXCELLENCE)

For Beatrice, getting her products into Target was a huge accomplishment, as The Honey Pot Company is a fairly new brand!

“My ultimate goals for this brand are to continue expanding our product offerings so that we have everything a woman needs for her feminine health and wellness. We want to be the brand that is synonymous with healthy, natural and effective feminine care and feminine hygiene. I want to see this company become a global brand so women everywhere can have access to our healthy products. In a few years, after we scale up, we want to eventually sell to a larger conglomerate for a large sum. To be approached by Target to help them upgrade their feminine care aisle is a huge honor.”


Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company, as they are heading to Anaheim for the Expo West Trade Show – which is a large B2B show for natural foods and natural body care products.

“I am seeking to expand retail presence of The Honey Pot Company, and the Expo West Trade Show is a great opportunity to meet the buyers of the largest retailers in the world.”


If you’re interested in creating your own feminine care company or products, Beatrice has the following advice,

“First off, you need to figure out if you’re making a product/s that will help women solve their feminine care issue and won’t contribute to it. When it comes to this business, it’s really about empowering and enhancing women’s lives so you need to be passionate about health, wellness and women. Also, know that the CPG game is very expensive so you will need to have access to lots of capital or be able to fundraise so you can launch your line the right way.”

If you’re interested in purchasing products of The Honey Pot Company, you can do so at:


Retail Stores: Target & Select Whole Foods

Make sure you keep up with Beatrice and The Honey Pot Company on social media at:

Twitter @TheHoneyPotComp

Instagram @TheHoneyPotCo

Facebook @TheHoneyPotCompany

Beatrice has the following last words for our readers:

“We appreciate all of the love and support we receive daily! It really makes a huge difference knowing that our products are helping girls and women live healthier lives.”

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