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All the way from South bend, IN, Shimika Jones is an Elementary School Teacher and licensed Beautician. Since 2012 Shimika has been a Beautician and is currently working at Unique Hair salon.

With her motivation being her 7-year-old daughter, Shimika wanted more out of life and wanted to be able give her daughter a better life. Shimika states that her goal is to leave something behind that would take care of her daughter financially strong, but also be handed down for generations to come. This goal always reminds Shimika of her favorite Jay-Z quote in the song “I Got The Keys,” where Jay-Z says,

“Until you own your own, you can’t be free”

Shimika strongly believes that Black people should start teaching their children how to own their own businesses and create their own avenues in life, versus only teaching them how to work for someone else.


“My advice to anyone thinking about starting your own business is to just go for it! Don’t think about it because your only going to think yourself out of it and I believe people get the biggest rewards out of life by taking risk. Every day is a struggle but the bigger picture is what keeps me going. I will never give up on my dreams and I wouldn’t advice anyone else too. It’s simply mind over matter. We create our own future and choose our own destinies. I have learned you have to fail in order to succeed so don’t let the fear of failing stop you from chasing after your dreams. Blessings to anyone who has started or thinking of starting their own business welcome to entrepreneurship! Be your own Boss!”

So what made Shimika decide to start her own hair business? Shimika stated that she was tired of sending her clients elsewhere to buy hair, especially when they would ask her for hair referrals. She felt like she was taking money out of her own hands, and putting it in the hands of someone else. This then made Shimika “Boss Up” and start selling hair of her own, to enable her clients to buy directly from her! (Money, Power, Respect!) Shimika’s Boss moves doesn’t stop there!

Shimika then decided to go even further and start her own e-commerce hair business, to enable ANYONE to purchase hair from her, whether they are a client or not! This is how Shimika created her hair business, “Bundlez For Barbz”. (Such a Boss!)

What products does “Bundlez For Barbz” offer? “Bundlez For Barbz” offers high quality raw virgin hair extensions. Her extensions come in Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Brazilian Mink, offered in straight, body wave and island curl styles. Shimika’s hair bundles offer lengths ranging from 12”- 28” inches. Other products offered are lace fronts, 360 lace fronts, closures, and customized wigs. (One stop shop!)


“I want my brand to be known world-wide! That’s the biggest challenge I face today but I’m working every day to push my brand by heavy marketing on all social media platforms and just networking with people in other cities to do pop up shops and events to promote my brand.”

“Bundlez For Barbz” doesn’t stop at hair, as they also sell 3DMink lashes! & Shimika’s very own edge control, called “FLEEK-EDGE.” (Talk about a Hustler!)

“Fleek-Edge” was first launched on October 22nd, at a SipNShp event in Calumet, Illinois. Shimika says that she decided to start her own edge control line, for the same reason that she started her own virgin hair business; her sole motivation!

Also, Shimika seen a high demand for a good edge control product, which came from her clients. To again prevent sending her clients elsewhere, she decided to create her own. Now for Shimika, whenever clients inquire about good edge control products, she can simply say, “My very own FLEEK-EDGE” (Yaaasssss!) At this time, FLEEK-EDGE is not sold in stores, but however, is being introduced to local hair care stores in her area.


For Shimika, there were a few challenges that she faced, but she pushed through them and did not let anything stop her! One big challenge for Shimika was launching her own brand, rather it be hair or edge control. The complications mostly came with getting her brand out there and reaching a bigger audience, other than just my local area.

At this time, Shimika doesn’t have any upcoming events, but is currently looking for upcoming events in the Atlanta area. With that said, don’t be surprised if “Bundlez For Barbz” is presented at an event near you. It is no surprise that Shimika is looking outside of her city, as she is always searching for new opportunities in other big cities. (You go girl!)

Wondering which type of hair is popular? Shimika tells us that her Brazilian Mink is a top seller right now! Currently, Bundlez for Barbz is having a huge 3 bundle deal sale on her Brazilian Mink hair. Her deal is phenomenal as you get 3 bundles, starting as low as $150 & up!

Ultimately, Shimika wants Bundlez For Barbz to be amongst the top selling hair companies in the world, which will in turn make Bundlez For Barbz a million-dollar hair Company. (Ching! Ching!) Shimika also states that she wants FLEEK-EDGE to become a world-wide brand sold in stores all over the world, such as Walmart.

Are you in need of some hair bundles or some awesome edge control? Purchase them from Shimika on her website at: www.

Make sure you keep up with Shimika and the success of her business by following her on:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook: @bundlezforbarbz


Until next time..

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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