The Goddess Healing™️

The Goddess Healing™️

There’s more to a business than just the products or services it offers and we’re here to give you the scoop! In this interview, we learn more about the BOSS behind the business!

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Q: Can you please give us a brief description of your company, products, and/or services?

A: Founded by Pamela Vazquez, conscious esthetician & beauty artist, and Brown womanist Nicolia Kelly, The Goddess Healing™️ represents bridging and merging both outer & inner worlds that each woman (trans, femme, queer and gender non-conforming) embodies. In this collaborative offering, they enjoin Brown & deaf women to center themselves as Divine, while leveraging this awareness to explore any & all modalities that support alignment with this identity.

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Q: Why do you believe your business is vital to your community?

A: Our business is vital because we enjoin Brown to expand their identity and consciousness-from the inside out.

With the “Goddess Healing Party: Goddess Save Thyself” that was recently held on September 29th, there was such a beautiful energy as we watched women have “lightbulb” moments about how they first honored themselves and then explored beauty & spirituality in a way never before seen. We were honored & blessed to be a vessel to provide that for them.

The way that one sees themselves permeates EVERYTHING that you do, and the way that you move in the world. In encouraging Brown women to accept that BOTH their outer and inner worlds make them Divine, they are more empowered to live more flexible & fluid lives that are not compartmentalized and fragmented-truly making them WHOLE beings.

Q: What do you believe makes YOU a BOSS?

A: We (Nicolia & Pam) are bosses because we believe in the power of connection and expansion. Our story in founding the Goddess Healing Party reflects this. As a beauty artist & esthetician I (Pam) was only one half-of the equation (the outer world of the Divine), and knew that creating the WHOLENESS of what the Goddess Healing would become required me to reach out to my “yang” (the inner world of the Divine) which Nicolia represents. Bosses understand the power of connecting and expanding (even if that IS outside of themselves.)

Q: What would you say has been the biggest BOSS move, you’ve made with your business thus far? 

A: Our biggest boss move has been creating the first “The Goddess Healing Party” EVER where we center Brown women (deaf & LGBTQIA aligned) AS divine. This event is designed to educate Brown women as to what tools are available that will help them remember, recover, and reconnect to their Divinity.

We are admittedly in a “Goddess” movement era with the term “Black Girl Magic” & #BlackGirlMagic hashtags being commonplace & sometimes overly-used without awareness. But what brand is committed to exploring and discovering HOW to navigate and actualize these phrases in your daily life (using tools that nurture both outer & inner worlds)–all WHILE centering Brown women as divine?! WE ARE!

And we’re excited about it.

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Q: What is something that has kept you grounded with your business?

A: We are both grounded by the fact that Pam & I do this work together. We are present with first ourselves and then each other through every phase of the process. We draw off of each other experiences and expertise in our respective fields. As individuals and as a collective (represented in our respective brands) we are Brown women who are doing the work as we unveil tools for other women to join us for the adventures of realizing their Divinity from the inside out.

Q: What is something you would tell an entrepreneur on the rise, to help them be successful?

A: ALWAYS listen to your intuition & trust that as a Divine “roadmap.” If you don’t understand something that your intuition is “telling” you–explore that. That’s where the answers are. In the process of exploration.

Q: What has been the best piece of business advice you’ve received?

A: Trust each other, and the connection that brought the business alliance together.

Q: If you had $1,000 to give back to your community, what would you do? Why?

A: If we had $1000, We would go to Sam’s Club, buy as many cases of water as possible, load everything in a pick-up truck, and drive to Flint, Michigan to give them to those who STILL don’t have clean water.

Nicolia would probably pass out pocket sized crystals too. . .

Q: How can people support your business and/or vision?

A: People can support our business and vision by following our movement via social media! We are looking to collaborate with those in the beauty and/or metaphysical worlds to feature for future pop-up events or our next Goddess Healing Party

There you have it! The scoop of the BOSS behind the business!

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