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Looking for a Chef to whip up an amazing meal at your next event? All the way from Monroe, GA, Chef Jacoby J. Ponder is a Personal Private Chef, who is a Food Network Competitor on Chopped, and Winner of Food Network Show Cutthroat Kitchen! (We’ve got a WINNER!)

He is motivated by his daily grind of: Cook, Rest, Repeat, and has always had a passion for the Culinary and Hospitality fields. So how did Jacoby get into being Chef? During his 10 years in the U.S. Navy, he was a “PQMS”, known as a personal chef. However, Jacoby continue to follow his passion as well as taking it up a notch! Jacoby attended The Culinary Institute of VA. ECPI University, where he obtained an Associates in Culinary Science and a Bachelors in Food Service Management.

In 2006, he got his first big break doing a catering job for $8k (Ching! Ching!) Jacoby was proud of his first big break, as that weeks’ worth of work was completed with only his hands! (NICE!)



The Chef I admire most is myself. My grind never stops and no other chef will out work me!

If you’re interested in becoming a Chef, Jacoby advises: Be ready to work, none stop! stay focus on you!

Starting out however, Jacoby experienced challenges with exposure to the right markets and having really big ideas, but no support. However, this did not stop him! With his specialty cuisine being sea food, especially Salmon, he soon became famous for his Shrimp and grits, which he calls “Shr-its.”

“The way I make it and season it, has blown minds of the people from Dc and New York and pretty much where ever I go.”

Jacoby’s exposure continued to grow as he was soon he was cooking for celebrities! Jacoby has cooked for many celebrities such as: Vivica A. Fox, Bruce Willis, House Wives of Atl., President Bush and many more! When Jacoby is not cooking his specialty, and whips up a dish requiring wine, his wine of choice is preferably a really lite crisp wine. This is due to the composition of the wine, which helps with the flavor profile of whatever sauce he is am creating.



Jacoby is a really big advocate for Education, and has taught Culinary Science at Stratford University. Jacoby also volunteers to teach History classes at the local community center, located in Norfolk, VA (Dope right?!) Jacoby stated that his ultimate goals as a Chef is to one day become an owner and operator of his own small restaurant in Atlanta.




At this time, Jacoby is working on a few projects and is currently on an 18 city tour with “The Under Ground Kitchen.” (Awesome!) He also has a traveling “Couples Cooking Class,” that he says he has have done pretty well with! Though he doesn’t have any cook books available yet, he will have some soon to come!

If you’re interested in booking Jacoby as your Private Chef for your upcoming event, you can book him directly at:

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