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Are you looking to purchase a house soon? Want to raise your credit, but not sure how to? Well we have just the right resource for you!

Meet Gwen Morris! Representing New Jersey, Gwen is a Full Time Radiant Registrar at Virtua Hospital and Independent Agent with Financial Education Services! Gwen helps people get excellent credit and strengthen their financial future, all while getting educated. (BOOM!)

“I am motivated daily by seeing peoples life style change.”

What is Financial Education Services? It is a company that specializes in Credit Restoration and Financial Education. Financial Education Services has been in business for 10+ years and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. By creating stability for over 10 years reflects the high demand to help people with challenged, good, and bad credit.

So how did Gwen become interested in credit repair? Gwen tells us that she is a victim of identity theft, and she was driven to never fall victim again.


“Seeing my own success to good credit in a short period – I developed a passion to share with others. It brings me joy knowing I’m not a burden to my family with shabby credit and knowing myself, family and finances are protected. Many people are in need of getting their credit back to a respectable score so they can buy cars, homes and receive lower interest rates.”

Gwen tell us that a good solid credit score to have is AT LEAST 700!! (WOWZERS)

“Although a 620 can get you a loan for a mortgage, the interest rate will be high. Lenders are more comfortable approving a loan with a favorable rate.”

According to Gwen, a person’s pay history hurts the credit score the most. This is because payment history has a huge impact on your credit score, such as paying late and skipping payments creating a negative mark on your credit score. However, keeping your balances low and under 30% can help repair your credit.

“After seeing positive results utilizing simple steps, absorbing education and tools provided. I am thankful I trusted the process. I know I am no longer a statistic of over 43 million with struggling credit.”

Financial Education Services also offers Credit Attorney’s, Life Lock, Secured Card, Credit Education, Smart Credit, discounts on prescriptions and travel. To see more visit:

Make sure you keep up with Gwen as she will be having a Credit Webinar Soon. By joining Credit Riser Plus Club, which can be accessed on her Instagram profile via free give away link. You will get immediate notification with all upcoming projects.

You can also keep up with Gwen via:
Instagram: @creditriserplus
Facebook: Gwen Morris


If you’re interested in having your own credit repair company, Gwen has the following advice:

“Be a product of your own success.
Try products / services to know they are real and work.”

Gwen has these final words for our readers:

“Know you are UNIQUE. Thank you for taking time to read my feature. I hope it brings value. If I can help, or if you have questions, feel free to let me know anytime. KEEP RISING! :)”


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