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Do you have a Son, Brother, or Nephew who you want to follow a path of greatness and positivity ? Well we have just the organization for you! Boss Up Magazine got the exclusive scoop on an amazing organization that EVERYONE should know!

All the way from Windsor/Hartford, Connecticut, Brandon Maurice Fame is an Educator, Social Innovator, Public Speaker, and the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of the organization, TheBlackManCan, Inc!!


So what is TheBlackManCan, Inc? We’re so glad you asked! TheBlackManCan, Inc. initially started as a blog and it has now grown into an award winning and internationally known non-profit organization. (Boom!) TheBlackManCan, Inc. was founded in April of 2010 and is located in Hartford, CT. The organization caters to both men and women of all ages and races, and strives to show everyone that black men are not monolithic. The organization celebrates, educates, and inspires Boys and Men of Color, as well as to provide the positive contradiction to the prevailing black male image of today! It also mentors, motivates, inspires, and provides empowerment through various programs and events, such as TheBlackManCan Institute, Power Couple Brunch, and TheBlackManCan Awards. (Dope right?!)

TheBlackManCan2If you’re interested in creating your own organization, Brandon advises,

“I would tell someone do not let social media rush them. Put your idea out there! Ideas are spiritual children seeded by God inside of us. He gives us the tools to nurture and grow those ideas so that we can fill the ordered steps he has prepared for us.”

“I have learned overtime that failing forward will bring you to success.”

For Brandon, there were a few challenges he faced while jumpstarting his amazing organization. His challenges were keeping content current, raising money, and making sure he partnered with the right people and organizations. However, these challenges did not stop Brandon from getting his organization to be successful! Matter of fact, Brandon says that he foresees TheBlackManCan, Inc. being the #1 source for positive images and narratives, of Boys and Men of Color.


“My organization is vital because the world needs to see positive images of boys and men of color, on a constant basis. There is an over representation of negative and mediocre images of boys and men of color, and TheBlackManCan, Inc. seeks to change that narrative. I think the biggest misconception at this point is that people think that we are only an Instagram page. We are in fact much more; we are nonprofit that impacts thousands of young men on a yearly basis.”

To date, TheBlackManCan, Inc has partnered with Boston Public Schools, William James College, Make Music Count, Syracuse University, That Suits You, Passion Hunger Drive, Urban Assembly and the list goes on. All of these groups and organizations believe in celebrating, educating, and inspiring boys and men of color. (Nice!!) TheBlackManCan, Inc. will be involved in some events soon, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter and follow their social media, to catch their announcements for 2018.

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To see TheBlackManCan, Inc in action, check out their videos here:

TheBlackManCan Institute Boston 2017

#FallingBlackinLove: Balancing Money and everything in between

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