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Imagine your talent taking you further than you ever dreamed! Ever wanted to know what that felt like? Well for the phenomenal Artist Kevin Bradford, his passion and talent has taken him far and we’ve got the details!

Repping Peoria, IL, Kevin Bradford is Artist with a passion for Art! Since the age of 19, he’s been creating and selling art in his free time. Kevin’s motivation comes from various avenues, and it is not surprise that he had decided to take his talents to the next level; especially since being artistic runs in his family!

Though Kevin states he is not afraid to work your typical 9-5 job, his passion of Art keeps calling! Growing up, Kevin was a part of Peoria Highs first class, of Preparatory School of the Arts program, which he graduated from and was voted most artistic. (Dope right?!) For Kevin, it’s not too big of a deal, but says that he sees that his peers have always expected great things from him regarding art.

In the pursuit of making more money, Kevin decided that he needed to get into the workforce, which he feels slightly stalled his dreams. However, Kevin did not let this get in the way of his passion!


Kevin has the following advice for anyone pursuing a career as an Artist,

“If you don’t make time for it now, you never will. I’m just in the aspiring artist working on becoming a BOSS.”

“Personally, with the competition out these days. I find it challenging building a following and making your own work unique. I think most artists go through this, but some are just creatively exceptional and don’t have that same struggle.”

So how did Kevin get into art? It all started around Middle School, where he would only draw characters from his favorite show at the time, which was Dragon Ball Z. Eventually, he found out that all his classmates were tracing all the characters that they were bringing the school to keep up with him. (A young talented BOSS!) It wasn’t until then that Kevin realized that it was an actual ability, not just something to anyone could do freehand. (Boom!)


Eventually, Kevin got really good at his craft and it in turn made his Mother challenge him to do other characters. She was getting tired of Kevin drawing the same characters, and she wanted to push him outside of his comfort zone. (Go Mom!!) For Kevin, as a 7th grader, he was offended but of course Mother know best! Due to his Mother pushing him outside of his comfort zone, Kevin was able to discover that he was more talented then he gave himself credit for, and was able to take his talents further than he ever imagined.

In high school, Kevin got into basketball, but soon realized that Art was his calling! Kevin had the logic that he’d have a higher probability of becoming a successful artist, rather than the NBA player. This in turn made Kevin decide to invest his time to art accordingly.



When Kevin was accepted into the art program in high school, he again was pushed out of my comfort zone, but this time with realistic art. That’s when he realized, historically, all the Legends were exceptional at realistic art. it seemed to be more respected and difficult, he loved the challenge and quest for respect. Kevin then dedicated the next two summers to perfecting the face, because it was the most challenging thing on a human body in his perspective.


Kevin specializes in pen drawings, colored pencil portraits, and is currently working to be more versed at acrylic paint! (Niccee!) On average, it can take Kevin anywhere from 8 hours to a couple of weeks to complete a piece of his art work, but it really depends on the difficulty of the art piece. Art isn’t the only thing he enjoys, as he lists basketball, video games, and rapping as fun hobbies



“I have a lot to prove to myself but I’m also driven by my beautiful and supportive girlfriend (Kiara Wyatt). I also want to set the example for my future children that they need to know you can do what you love and still survive but nothing will be handed to you.”

When asked about his most influential piece, Kevin says that the Black Beauty portraits that he’s been doing over the last few years have been the most influential, as it seems to get the best reception from his peers.

“Personally, I feel black men and women have to be reminded of our natural beauty sometimes TV and other media tend to taint that image.”

Kevin is very proud of his work, as one of his pieces has been featured on the war element fire (royalty) album, by the rap artist War. In the past, Kevin has done the illustration for “Touch of healing” therapy in Peoria, IL, owned by Ruby Ross and logo designs! (Dope right!?) However, Kevin says that he no longer does logo designs.

Currently Kevin is looking to expand his talent and brand by looking into a partnership with a fellow business person with t-shirts, who shares a similar agenda as Kevin called Black Beauty. Kevin says that he continues to network, do commission art work, and is also continue working on another Black Beauty collage coming soon.

If you are interested in purchasing any of Kevin’s art work, you can contact him by:

Instagram: @mello4eva.

Art Facebook: Kev’s Kreations page

Be sure to keep up with Kevin and his dope art, by following his social media:

Instagram: @mello4eva.

Art Facebook: Kev’s Kreations page

Personal Facebook: Kevin Mello Bradford

Snapchat: @mello4eva7.


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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