Take Time For You


Take Time For You

Today’s inspiration will be short & sweet. Let me jump right in. We all feel overwhelmed at times with all that we have going on in our lives, but we have to remember to take time for ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty cup.  You’re no good to anyone, not even yourself when you’re burnt out.  Take time for you!

If you need that mental health day, take it! A vacation, a bubble bath, mani-pedi, a glass of wine to unwind from your day, take it!! There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself or taking a break from reality for replenishment. Once you take that time for you, you’ll bounce back & you’ll be ready to conquer all that you’ve set out to do.

Today’s Affirmation:

I’ve emptied my glass to fill others, now I must fill my glass in order to refill myself.

Until Next Time ♥️
~April Monét

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