Budget Traveling


Do you want to travel the world, but are low on funds? Ever been on social media and wonder how people are traveling to all these amazing places? Well here are a few tips, that will enable you to travel, just as much as that famous travel blogger you follow on your social media!

Know before you go!

Are you wanting to go somewhere fun and exciting, but not too sure on where to go? Planning a trip to a particular place, but want to know the best places to eat and explore while there? We highly recommend Trip Advisor!

Trip Advisor provides you reviews from recent travelers, ratings, and more to help ensure your trip is nothing short of amazing! So make sure you know before you go!


Put your 9-5 to use!

One way to travel on a budget is to plan your trips around your pay dates! This method is great, as you are able to “count” your coins! If you’re planning well in advance, planning around your pay dates allow you to purchase things one at a time – all while still buying what you need.

Need a payment plan? You can utilize the following sites to plan and pay for your trip on a payment plan:



Funjet Vacations

Do you have a side hustle?

Looking for a payday TODAY?! Sign up for ride-share platforms such as Uber and Lyft! Did you know that as a new driver, you are able earn bonuses – which puts more money in your pocket. (Ching! Ching!)

Also, both platforms allow you to cash out your earnings for the day! So if you drive for 3 hours and earn $80…you can select instant pay and have your funds put on your debit card INSTANTLY! Bomb right??

*** Please be advised: There maybe restrictions and requirements for accessing instant pay, as a new driver. ***


Do you check your emails daily or on your cellphone? Well make sure you sign up for email notifications from sites like Hotwire, Travelocity, and Orbitz – as they tend to send you really good discounts on flights, hotels, and more!! Not seeing their emails in your inbox? Make sure you’re checking your spam/junk folder, so that you don’t miss out.


Credit Cards

Did you know that most credit cards offer points, on everyday purchases? Use those points to earn bomb deals!!! You can also score cashback – depending on your credit card provider! COLLECT YOUR COINS & POINTS!

Do you prefer to fly on one airline over the others? You may want to consider getting yourself a credit card with that particular airline, that you enjoy flying on the most! You can earn miles that can be used to book flights! Also, some of those airline credit cards give you miles for using your card with their partnered hotels, restaurants, and car rentals.

Members Only

Do you LOVE a certain hotel so much, that you stay at their hotel any chance you get? Well you may want to check and see if you can earn points for you stay! The more your stay, the more points you earn – which can lead to a free night stay(s)!


Travel Alternatives

Don’t have the funds to purchase a round trip ticket? Why not purchase your travel one way at a time? This will allow you to get what you need – without going broke. Sometimes this also allows you to snag that special that Southwest Airlines is offering, at the same time of snagging an unbeatable deal that Frontier Airlines may be offering too!

Another way you can cut costs is by flying to an airport near your destination, and then driving the remaining distance. (i.e. Going to Miami? try flying to Fort Lauderdale, FL and then driving to Miami, FL.) Sometimes this method is cheaper.

Not in a hurry? Sometimes taking a flight that has multi-stops or has a layover can be cheaper! This is a great method for those looking for a deal and are not in a hurry to get to their destination.

Don’t forget about the RED EYE flights! RED EYE flights usually depart AFTER 9:00pm and arrive at the destination by 5:00am or 6:00am. These flights usually travel west to east and can be found on sites like Cheap Flights. If you don’t mind flying overnight to your destination, GO FOR IT!

Aviation Rocks!

Know someone that works for an airline? Did you know that most airlines give their employees discount flights or guest passes, to give to friends and family? – which is at an extremely low rate!

Want to skip the middleman??? BECOME an airline employee – as most airline companies give their employees FREE TRAVEL BENEFITS!! Though each airline have different policies for employee travel – it beats paying full price for your travel!


No Stress Lodging

Did you know that most sites like Orbitz and Priceline have the options of “Pay When You stay.” – for booking hotels? This is perfect if you want to book your hotel and simply pay when you arrive, especially if you don’t have the money upfront! We all know that sometimes plans change, so booking a pay when you stay is perfect – especially because this options tends to carry a very lax cancellation policy!

Ever heard of Airbnb? Airbnb is an awesome website to get a place to stay, for a very affordable rate! Depending on the type of traveler you are, you may just appreciate Airbnb more than a hotel. Some Airbnb places offer great perks such as FREE parking, use of an entire apartment/home, being in a centralized location, and MORE! So when you’re looking for a place to stay for your trip, DON’T FORGET ABOUT AIRBNB!

Getting Around

Need a car for your trip? Some car rental companies have special deals on their partner websites, that offers you very low daily pricing – if you pay for the entire rental upfront. Also, this tends to be offered if you allow the website to pick the car rental company for you. (usually Priceline & Hotwire)

Did you know that if you use a major credit card, most companies don’t hold a deposit? We suggest making sure you have a capital one credit card, as they offer car rental protection with your purchase AND allow debit card payments that instantly make the funds available for use! (1 payment per 24 hrs)

Beware though, as some car rental companies charge you more money if you use a Visa instead of a Mastercard, and vice versa. We’ve seen dollar car rental charge a $300 deposit for using a Visa card, instead of a Mastercard. YIKES!!

More than just Roadside Assistance!

Are you a member of AAA ? If not, then make sure you become one! AAA offers its members amazing deals and discounts on restaurants, hotels, car rentals, and more! AAA offers way more than just roadside assistance, so become a member and take advantage of its benefits!


Don’t Kill The Fun!

So now that you’ve booked your trip, what are you going to do on the trip itself??! Make sure you are doing fun things to create amazing memories on your trip! You can utilize the following websites for budget friendly food & fun activities to do on your trip:


Living Social


Shore Excursioneer

Orbitz Activities

So there you have it! Use our tips to plan your next trip…or 2! Where ever you decide to go, enjoy and have safe travels!

The Traveling Nurse

Do you have dreams to travel and see the world? Want to travel, but unsure if you can handle traveling alone? Wanting to plan a nice getaway or experience some amazing culture? Well we spoke with a true BOSS who makes traveling a priority!

Born and raised in Southern California, Minci Sekou Stenson is a Labor and Delivery Travel Nurse. Having a positive attitude that could change someone’s perspective on life, is her daily motivation and she has a true passion for traveling!

Minci recently took a month-long trip to Africa, which was a trip she planned for a year prior. Minci tells us that she decided to visit Africa to learn more about the culture, to meet the people, and to feel where we came from. (Such a Boss!)



Though Minci prefers to travel alone, she has mainly traveled with her Mother and friends.

“When I travel alone, I find that I am forced to meet new people and explore more without any pressure. In 2017 I was able to visit 15 countries. Next year one of my major trips is going to be carnival in Trinidad!”



When asked about three places that she would revisit, Minci told us that she would travel to Egypt, Greece, and Spain. Here are the exclusive details:



Egypt: “I would revisit Egypt because I feel like there was so much history, that I need one more trip to see everything. Plus, everyone made me feel so welcomed there.”

Greece: “I would revisit Greece because Greece was a magical place for me; I felt at peace.”

Spain: “I would revisit Spain because I feel like their country has so much to offer. It has everything you are looking for in a country, from partying, to relaxing on the beach, to cultural activities. You could never get bored of these places!”

Unfortunately, Minci tells us that Bogotá, Columbia is a place that she doesn’t want to revisit.

“I felt invisible there. The crime rate was high, so I had to be cautions the entire time which is stressful.”


During her travels, Minci has acquired some fantastic memories, with Egypt being the most unforgettable. Minci tells us,

“While in Egypt, I was walking down the street and a lady sent her kids to hug me, and I didn’t understand why. Then she proceeded to take her garment off and place it on my head, while saying welcome home and thank you for not being scared to come to my country.”


Minci also tells us about a few cultural shocks she experienced! Minci stated,

In Kenya, we went to the Masai villages. They make their homes out of cow poop and there were flies everywhere, even all over the kids. It was very difficult to stay focused while swatting flies and trying to not step in poop, however, the experience and what we learned was priceless.

Egypt was also a culture shock, when I saw that the people live in houses and apartments with no roof, because they don’t want to pay taxes. Even though I felt safe in Egypt, I had to walk around with an armed undercover cop just in case someone wanted to harm us.

Vietnam was a culture shock, and I call it the city with no space boundaries. The people have no consideration for your space, and everyone is running into each other. It got so intense that I ended up back at my hotel room, because I couldn’t relax. I was constantly thinking someone could be stealing from me.

Minci’s traveling not only include cultural shocks, but it also includes interesting food tasting! Minci tells us that in Belize, she ate termites straight from the trees and that they tasted like carrrots! (WOWZERS!!)


One of the main reasons I travel is to be able to bring awareness to people, so that they can feel comfortable traveling outside of the United States. We are one of the only countries that don’t get out much. So as I travel I share my experiences though pictures and video. I also help people plan trips for themselves, because I have the patience to find the deals and do the research. Traveling has opened my eyes, as well as made me a better person in understanding diverse cultures; not only personally but with my career as well. I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything.”

When asked where she would go, if given $5,000, Minci tells us that she would go to Antarctica. Minci says that it could be due to not many people traveling there, but there is definitely something magical to her about Antarctica! Minci says that it’s been on her heart and that she is praying that she can go visit this year!

If you’re wanting or planning to travel to an exotic place or around the world, Minci has the following advice:

“To be able to travel and actually have an amazing experience is to first have an open mind. Having an open mind and seeing the country through the eyes of the people will help ease the anxiety and help you have more fun. I also advise people to indulge in the culture, hang with the locals to get the full experience but also still be aware of your surroundings. Also, don’t be afraid to try something new most likely it won’t kill you.”


Make sure you keep up with Minci and her next adventure, by following her on:
Instagram: msekou
Snap Chat: phynix85
Facebook: Minci Sekou Stenson


Until next time….
“Boss Up and Be Blessed”


Keep It Tight Training With Kee!

Are you ready to transform your body? Have you been procrastinating on working out, and need an accountability partner? Well if you’re truly ready to get your body right and keep it tight, we recommend a true BOSS of fitness, the amazing Keonna “Kee” Jones!

Representing Washington, DC, Kee is a BOSS Entrepreneur!! She is a Child Care Owner and Educator by day, and a Personal Trainer by night!! (True Boss!)
Kee is motivated by knowing that she gets to reshape and transform her clients on a daily basis!

So what made Kee decide to become a Fitness Trainer? Kee says that she initially started as a client! Her personal goal was to lose 20 pounds and reduce her body fat percentage. Once she reached her goal, her close friends and family wanted her to help them with their goals. With her help, they achieved results and that’s when she realized her calling in the fitness world.



“I used to be a Herbalife Distributor; made great money, help & meet a lot people locally & internationally. Nothing negative to say, other than, there’s no shake, pill or body wrap that will give you instant results. Physical activity has to be done, whether you choose to use supplement aids or not. Having a Fitness Trainer provides the benefit of accountability, professional training and advice, and above all… guaranteed results!”



Kee became a Certified Fitness Trainer, through a self-paced program, with the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Kee has been training since 2013 and has worked with worked with over 100 clients. Kee enjoys group training, and her groups consist of 3-5 clients at a time, who all have different goals! Kee’s clients usually see results within 60-90 days, and Kee says she enjoys seeing the smiles on her clients’ faces, when they’ve reached their goals. For Kee, there is no better feeling than knowing that she assisted in changing someone’s life and lifestyle! Most of Kee’s clients have the common goal to lose their stomach and gain glute (butt) mass. Kee says that it’s possible to achieve with physical activity, to include strength training and proper nutrition with the right trainer; HER! (We heard that!)


Initially, Kee’s biggest challenge was preparing for and passing her exam. However, gaining clientele was never a problem, due to personal fitness motivation she displayed in the gym and on social media.
“I love the challenge of being able to effectively train numerous people at once. People could relate to my busy lifestyle, but still being able to work out.”

Kee got her first big break as a Fitness Trainer when she was being a guest trainer, at a fitness event hosted by the Redskins football team! Due to media being involved, Kee was able to get a lot of exposure as a new trainer! (Nice!!)




“I stress portion control and drinking water to my clients! It’s important to maintain balance between personal & fitness life. Don’t allow one to consume the other.”







“I used to eat junk food all the time. My Body fat % and BMI% were extremely high, based on my height & weight. There is nothing wrong with cheat meals, you just can’t have them every day. “



Kee currently trains at Torch Gym, which is located in Capitol Heights, MD (PG County). Kee also has weekly 1-on-1 training sessions and a specialty boot camp, called KITs BAE (Booty & Ab experience) on Mondays at 7:30pm. Make sure you keep up with Kee, as she will be having a Club KIT (fitness dance party) pop up event, on January 26th at 7:00pm. (Weerrkkk!!) Not only does Kee enjoy being a Fitness Trainer, she also loves to travel, and she flys out of the country at least 3-4 times per year! (You Go Girl!!)


If you’re looking to become a Fitness Trainer, Kee has the following advice,

1.) Be sure to study. Join online & in-person studying groups.

2.) Don’t mimic the next trainer. Be yourself. No two trainers are the same. That’s a good thing.


If you’re interested in having Kee has your Fitness Trainer, visit her website:

Be sure to keep up follow Kee on social media:
Instagram Fitness Page: @keepittightkee
Meals Ideas & Recipes: @keerecipes.
Facebook: “Keep it Tight Training”


Until next time…
“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

The Fitness Guru

Do you tell yourself you’re going to the gym, but some how end up not going? Looking for someone to help you through your journey to better health? Well we have just the right person to help you with your needs!! Meet Myles Mayfield, the phenomenal Fitness Trainer!
All the way from Chicago, IL, Myles Mayfield is an Independent Certified Fitness Trainer and is motivated by waking up each day! Myles stated that he has the utmost appreciation for life, especially because no day is guaranteed. (Amen!)

“I view every day as an opportunity to reach my goals.”

So how did Myles get into Fitness? It was during his second year of college, that he discovered his passion for Fitness! He soon began to take his health very seriously and his body began to change. However, little did Myles know, the change in his body caught the eye of some of his classmates, who too wanted their bodies to change. At no charge to those interested, he shared his passion by unofficially training a few people who were interested. He turned out to be fairly good at it, and it gave him a feeling of pure satisfaction. (Definitely a BOSS move!)

“I was studying to become a teacher which I enjoyed. After graduating college, I decided to try teaching what I love and teach it on my own time. Shortly after, I began working on my certification.”

Myles earned his Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Chicago State University, and earned his Fitness Trainer Certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Though his Fitness Trainer Certification is an 8-month long self-paced program, Myles stated that it took him 3 months of intense studying to earn his Fitness Trainer Certificate. (BOSS Status!) Myles stated that his experience in fitness and knowledge he gained during his undergrad studies helped him A LOT.
So you may be wondering why it is beneficial or important to have a Fitness Trainer? Myles tells us that Fitness Trainers are excellent accountability partners.



“We are a reliable resource for most of your fitness needs, always ask questions. We have the ability to push you further than you would push yourself. Fitness Trainers create a solid plan for you to execute, no guess-work. Most people believe that we are all arrogant, and overly aggressive assholes. Lol! We are a good partner to have when you decide to invest in your health.”


Myles solely provides fitness related training, which includes goal setting and tracking, daily workout programming, nutritional guidance, group fitness classes, and unlimited motivation. He specializes in weight training for muscular strength and endurance, but he also has solid experience in all other areas of health and performance related fitness, such as cardiovascular strength & endurance, flexibility, body composition, agility, and power. (BOOM!)
He has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and has worked with 35-40 clients who have trained consistently and reached their specific goals. Most of his clients have concerns and goals regarding fat loss and increasing overall physical health, with their results depending on the client’s goals and commitment to the plan they create. As a Fitness Trainer, Myles enjoys meeting, interacting, and building relationships with culturally diverse people.

In the beginning, his biggest challenge was finding a stable location to train clients. Due to him not having his own gym as of yet, Myles found it very difficult to locate a fully equipped facility that would allow him to rent their space and operate independently. However, this has not stopped Myles at all!



Myles got his first big break as a Fitness Trainer when he ran his first beach boot camp! Myles told us,

“I sat on this idea of teaching “beach boot-camps” during the summer months. After a few months, I stopped thinking and started executing. The beach boot-camps were a success. 10 to 15 people showed up to 39th St. /Oakwood Beach and gave their best effort each week. My mother encouraged me to move to Hyde Park on the Southeast side of Chicago which was a 5-minute drive from the beach. The move led me to locate and partner with The Space in Hyde Park. The Space is a great facility under great ownership that allowed me the opportunity to train clients and help grow my business. I’ve learned and grown a lot. I am grateful for The Space, my mother, and every single person who supported the beach boot-camps.”



“It is important that you stay hydrated, stretch, eat clean, and STAY CONSISTENT!
I believe that no supplement or product can equate to consistency, discipline, and dedication to exercise and a diet of clean whole foods.”

“We all fall off track, but don’t stay off track. Figure out what went wrong, ask questions, make adjustments, and get right back on. Fitness is just as much a mental journey as it is a physical journey.”


Myles has recently competed in his first powerlifting competition, with placing 3rd in his weight class. When Myles isn’t competing in competitions or training clients, he is exploring food and travel!


“I love to travel and eat. I am currently exploring the world one city and country at a time. I have to figure out how to make a living traveling the world and experiencing other cultures through fitness and food!”



If you’re looking to become a Fitness Trainer, Myles has the following advice,

“I wished that I knew that setting goals are essential to succeed. I function so much better when I am working towards something specific. Always have a date on a calendar”
“Read lots of books, ask lots of questions, learn daily, and practice often. As with anything in life, you will get out of this what you put into it. You have the power to change someone’s life for the better, do not take it for granted. Lastly, do your best to train independently. If you have to work for a gym, use it as a learning experience and keep growing.”

Make sure you keep up with Myles, as he is currently working with two other really great Chicago based trainers, on a super cool and fun YouTube channel and Podcast! So stay tuned!

If you’re interested in booking Myles for any of his services, you can do so by:
Email: mayfieldmotivation@gmail.com
Website: www.mayfieldmotivation.com
Instagram: mayfield_motivation.
“Pick one and don’t hesitate to contact me! I will respond within 24-48 hours.” – Myles Mayfield

Myles also has a final comment for all of our readers:
Please don’t neglect your health. If you are not sure where to start, contact me and ask questions. So many people approach me after bad news from a doctor visit, don’t be that person. I truly believe that health is wealth, do not take it for granted. Thank you Boss Up Magazine, for this opportunity. I wish you nothing but success in the days ahead.