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Are you a fan of lipstick? Ever went to the store to find a shade of lipstick, that you were unsuccessful at finding? Want to seal your flawless look with some bomb lipstick, that is edible and non-toxic? Well we have just the right product for you! Ladies, we introduce you to Sugalips!

Currently residing in Honolulu, HI, but originally from Oakland, CA, Dwyonna Bordley is a Waitress at a nightclub in Hawaii, event creator, and the owner and maker of her very own lipstick lined Sugalips! She is motivated daily by school and her family, and she currently attends the University of Hawaii for Biology. (BOSS Lady!)

Sugalips is an edible non-toxic lipstick line, with shades of pink, red, brown, and nudes. Dwyonna also creates limited edition custom colors of royal blue, green, and orange! To date, Sugalips has sold 130+ shades, with lipsticks being available for purchase online. Her most popular colors are shades of brown, with “Chocolate Melt” being ordered the most!





“My favorite color is chocolate melt and nude purple because those compliment my skin tone the best.”





So what got Dwyonna into making he own lipstick? During the Winter of 2015, she was looking for a certain shade of brown and was not able to find it. She then decided to do her own research online on how to make her own lipstick, and then became second nature and a true passion. Though she has always loved make-up, she never wanted to be a make-up artist, as her passion was to be the person behind the product! Making lipstick started out as something she did for fun, but it wasn’t until she kept receiving compliments, that she decided to expand her vision of having her own lipstick line.

If you’re looking to start your own lipstick line, Dwyonna has the following advice,



“Pace yourself and do not get discouraged by any mistakes or setbacks that you encounter. In order to succeed, sometimes you fail.”

“My ultimate goal is open up my own store in California.”


Be sure you keep up with Dwyonna and Sugalips, as is currently working on having her products sold in a local store in Hawaii, as well as a future event in March of 2018.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Sugalips lipstick, you can on the website:

You can follow Dwyonna and Sugalips on:
Instagram: suga_lips
Snapchat: money.maker


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