Are you a female entrepreneur that’s ready to take over the world?! Well they say that the future is female, and we have just the right organization to support this!!

Representing Philadelphia, PA, Latasha Bailey is a the Founder of Successher Womens Business Directory, Founder of Luvely Wives Club, and a Recruiter that helps individuals transient back to the workforce! (BOSS STATUS!) For Latasha, seeing women leading in every industry is her daily motivation!

“Being my best self, helping women be their best selves and to look around and see Women leading in every Industry.”

Successher is located in Philadelphia, PA and has been in business since the beginning of 2018! Successher is a large network of professional women and women based businesses, which assists in helping women grow their business, grow their network, and help customers find products and services that they need! Successher offers a directory placement for Business Owners and Professionals, to list in the directory with advertisement for their business. Successher also offers Business Consulting Services, Events and Trainings.

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“My main goal is to showcase women based businesses, and give them a personalized platform to promote their products and services, to potential customers. I wanted to build an online directory of Women Based Businesses in the Philadelphia Area! Now, Successher has Business Owners listed in all areas of the United States!”

In the beginning Latasha faced a few challenges while starting her business, but they did not stop her! For Latasha, her main challenge was getting women to see the value that her network could add to them, as professionals and small business owners.

“I didn’t realize the value I had in myself. I knew I was good and I wanted to showcase other women, but I didn’t do well with showing other business owners that in the beginning.”


“My organization is vital because of my passion for helping women and wanting to see their business grow. I get excited by seeing business owners make the changes that they want to me. I also understand that small businesses don’t always have the resources to build on their business starting out, so I get to help them with Successher’s resources. Successher is bringing everything that we as women need to start and run our businesses successfully. Love and Support ONLY.”

Latasha tells us that she foresees her organization providing a sisterhood impact of women based businesses teaming together and utilizing each other for support. Successher has partnered with various companies such as Chanel Henry Owner of Chanel’s Creations, Ava Adames Owner of Philadelphia Drinkable Arts, and Tiffany Brown Owner of “Everything done write.” These businesses were selected due to their business personalization, creativity, and networking. (BOOM!)

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Be sure to join Successher at their upcoming event, as they will be teaming up with Ava Adames of Drinkable Arts Philadelphia :
Sip and Paint
April 24, 2018
7pm – 9pm
Dave and Busters || 325 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19106


If you’re looking to start your own organization, Latasha has the following advice,

“Go for it. Jump out and get started, do not look back and do not look for validation from anyone. You know what your heart is telling you SO!!! Stay passionate, Be persistent, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to fall, Get up and Keep Moving. Reach out to Successher for Help and Assistance, There is no charge for Support!!! And Most Important!!! LOVE LIFE!!! SMILE.. BE HAPPY!!! “

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