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Calling all Entrepreneurs!! Do you have a business, but need some guidance on how to get it out there? Need a pick me-up to jump start your day? Well Vannesia Darby and her company, MOXIE Nashville™, has all of that and more!

Representing Nashville, TN, Vannesia is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Public Speaker, and Blogger! (Such a BOSS!).  She enjoys the opportunity to inspire others to reach their full potential in life, and her company MOXIE Nashville™ allows her to do just that!

So, what is MOXIE Nashville™? We’re glad you asked! MOXIE Nashville™ is a management, marketing, and motivation company, that also does content creation and executes digital marketing strategies around products and services. This can be anything from social media management, creating on line marketing campaigns, and/or training teams on how to effectively use their existing digital platforms. (Dope, right?)

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“Ironically, marketing was never my passion. Even to this day I always say, “I don’t like marketing.” However, I love the platforms that marketing allows others to create and the stories we get to tell through content. That is the fun part for me.”




For Vannesia, marketing was never her passion.  So how did it become her passion? Vannesia fell into marketing following her graduation from Bradley University. Her degree was in Business Management and Administration, but she wanted to work in the Gospel Music industry.  Since the position of a Marketing Assistant was the only thing available at the time, Vannesia took it! And guess what? Vannesia has been in marketing ever since. Oh, and Vannesia’s talents doesn’t stop there, as she does public speaking and contributes to blogs and outlets! (She’s Fierce!)

With jumpstarting her business, Vannesia did face a few challengesOne major difficulty she had was wanting everything to be perfect for her launch. Previously, Vannesia had launched successful campaigns for Grammy Award winning artists, and oversaw website creations for many artists and businesses.  However, when it came to her own, she was extremely critical.  Vannesia soon realized that she had to get out of her own head, and trust that her designer knew how to capture her vision!

“We must have scrapped my website at least three times! Finally, my designer talked some sense into me and I’m so grateful for that (Thanks Moe!).”

Moxie-circle-red[1] copyAs Vannesia worked her business, she soon learned when it was necessary to hire extra help to assist with projects; instead of trying to tackle everything by herself. Vannesia knew that if she didn’t want to be glued to her computer all day, she had to bring on extra designers and other project coordinators, to see her blind spots and also help shift the workload. (Taking Charge!)


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For those who are interested in having your own marketing company, here is what Vannesia advises:

  1. Build your entrepreneurship tribe: It’s difficult to bounce ideas off of your friends who have never been in this entrepreneurial space. You need people who have done this before and/or who are building with you.
  2. Stay Creative: I try once per quarter to do something that inspires me. That could be going to see a concert (non-work related), hiking a new trail, etc. If you’re in marketing, you need to ensure your creative side is stimulated.
  3. Realize everything won’t be a hit: Sometimes your product or service is not ideal for a particular marketplace. That doesn’t mean your idea wasn’t good, it just means it didn’t connect with the space. You must know your audience and if you launch and it doesn’t work, that’s okay too. Trust your gut and your data and and don’t be afraid to get back out there.

Currently, Vannesia is working on a few major projects and has just finished speaking at the Creative Souls Tribe Conference in Nashville! (So exciting!)  That isn’t the end of Vannesia and MOXIE Nashville™, so make sure you keep up by following:

Vannesia’s Personal Instagram: @iSpeakLife3

Vannesia’s Business Instagram:  @MoxieNash.

You can also sign up for her motivational blog list at:


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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