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Ladies, are you looking for a makeover beyond your everyday make-up? Need a facial or bikini wax, but want to go to someone who really knows what they’re doing? Well meet Starr Archer, a well-known and experienced professional, giving women a “Starr” studded body makeover!!

Born in Brooklyn, NY, but raised in Lithonia, GA, Starr is an Aesthetician and Beauty Entrepreneur, that has been making moves for 6+ years, in the beauty industry! She is the owner of Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio and Starr Salon Suites, which provides a one-stop shop for all beauty professionals and consumers! (Boss Status!)

Starr attended an Esthetician program in the state of Georgia, where she became certified in 9 months. Though the field of beauty was not always her passion, Starr states that speaking with people has always been her passion.

“I love people, love interacting and conversating with people I will talk to anyone no matter where I am at. Lol that’s a passion of mines speaking with people and making them happy. But I can also say this field was not my passion because if you would have asked me 3 years ago I would not have had any clue that this would be the field that I would be in, but now I enjoy it so much.”

So what made Starr open her own business? Starr states,

“I noticed that as women we care more about our bodies and the way we look more than anything. One day, I figured how cool would it be for me to expand my skills by becoming someone that can really help change a person’s body, to make them feel better without surgery. I researched and stepped out on faith and began my business.”

Prior to becoming an Aesthetician, Starr had two prior business that catered to the beauty industry. Though her businesses were not as successful as she hoped, she learned an important key to her renowned success! With her daily motivation being her daughter and self, Starr continues to strive to be the best she can be!

“Self-motivation is what motivated me to keep reaching higher and higher I want to be able to achieve any goal I have set in my mind, no matter what it is; even if I fail at least I know I tried.


Starr Stage is only located in Decatur, Georgia, with sister companies located in Florida, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Virginia. Starr Stage has been around for 6 years, but has been operating as a non-surgical studio for 2 years. Starr Stage has worked with 1200+ people, providing services for both men and women, with women being majority of its clientele.

Starr Stage Nonsurgical Studio

Starr Stage provides many services such as: non-invasive lipo, skin tightening, tattoo removal (without laser), stretchmark and scar camouflage, cellulite removal, butt lift enhancement, bikini waxing, and facials. Clients of Starr Stage usually see major results after 2 weeks consisting of 4 sessions, with the ability to lose between 2-5 inches around the midsection area. Wondering which services is most requested? Starr tells us that non-invasive lipo seems to be the service most requested, and it only takes 30 minutes to complete!

Starr with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip Hop

Starr’s caught her first big break with Starr Stage, by working with Tammy Rivera of Love and Hip-Hop! Tammy was referred by her best friend, Shod Santiago, and the opportunity paved the way for Starr’s first premier on the TV show, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta! (Dope right?!)

Starr tells us that the ultimate goal for her business is to continue growing and training other women how to run and begin businesses, and to continue opening other businesses where women can become their own entrepreneurs like our salon suites. Ladies be on the look out because throughout 2018, Starr will be holding non-surgical procedure trainings across the United States, to continue to empower women and spread her education with others! (Learn from the best ladies!)

Keisha Starr Archer 3

If you’re interested in becoming an Aesthetician, Starr has the following advice,

“Go for it, all we have every day in life is time 9-13 months will pass you by so might as well just DO IT!” It took me 9 months to complete the esthetician program, and I continued taking other classes to become more knowledgably in my career.”

Make sure you keep up with Starr and Starr Stage, as there are few major projects in the works! Follow her on all social media with the handle: @starrstage

If you’re interested in booking Starr for her amazing services, you can do so by email:
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Starr has the following last words for the readers:

Rasheeda will join Starr on Saturday, February 17, 2018, to present “Boss Up or Get Bossed Around,” a woman in business class teaching aspiring or small business owners how to establish, grow and succeed at business. The class will be held at Starr Stage in Decatur, GA, live and via webinar. Live class tickets are $299 and webinar tickets are $249.


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