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For some people, dancing consists of a night out at their favorite lounge with their friends. However, for Shaylea Anderson, Dance is LIFE!! All the way from Tampa, Florida, Shaylea is a Dancer, full-time College Student, and an up and coming Designer! (Such A Boss!) Knowing that she is destined for greatness is her motivation, and she has a fierce passion dance.

Watching dancing videos of her favorite dancers or dance companies, sparked Shaylea’s interest in Dance. For Shaylea, seeing the expressions on their faces and how they moved their bodies truly inspired her; it made her say,

“That is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.

Though watching dancers on TV sparked her interest, her passion for Dance has always been with her since she was three years old. Her parents enrolled her in Ballet classes and she simply fell in love. Shaylea states that she remembers telling anyone who would listen, “I’m going to be a ballerina when I grow up”. Even though she was not consistently training in Dance over the years, her passion kept her going!!

Not only does dance speak to Shaylea, the style Modern Dance does the same! She remembers watching the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform one of their well-known pieces, called “Revelations,” which totally left her mesmerized. Shaylea was mesmerized by how they could create numerous shapes with their bodies, which made her want to learn and study dance even more. Though Shaylea loves dance and has learned many styles, Ballet took a little bit more practice for her to learn. With Ballet being very technical and requiring years of training to master it, Shaylea still loves how Ballet challenges her the most.


“I had to learn that technique can be taught but being creative, determined, hardworking, professional, humble and passionate cannot be taught. Knowing this now allows me to go into auditions confidently. My dream is to attend Juilliard school of dance.

“Knowing that if I continue to work hard, stay passionate and keep God first in my life, anything I put my hands to will be great.”







“If you are looking to pursue a career in Dance, go for it passionately and aggressively. Don’t let anyone stop you from your dream and surround yourself with people who going to push you towards your Dream. Also, to believe in yourself and be your best advocate. There will be a lot of up and downs in this profession but just keep going!”



During Shaylea’s initial pursuit in Dance, she battled her fears of inadequacy, which made her afraid to go to auditions for shows or school. Shaylea tells us that knowing she is a great dancer and that she has something to offer, regardless of her knowledge of the many dance styles, is something that she wishes she knew when she began pursuing her career in Dance. However, this did not stop Shaylea’s passion and grind for Dance. She continued to push through!

In 2014-2015, Shaylea was seen making major moves with Dance at some Tampa Bay Area shows. That same year, she was also a part of a holiday dance production called “The Family Blessing”. Also, in the summer of 2017, she attended the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive in Atlanta, Georgia. Dance is not Shaylea’s only talent, as she loves fashion design, photography, poetry, and singing. (Multi-Talented Boss!) And she is currently in the process of jumpstarting her clothing line called Shay Lauren’s Closet. (You Go Girl!)

So we asked Shaylea about her Dance idol, and she told us that she would love to work with Debbie Allen!

“If I could work with Debbie Allen that would be amazing. Debbie Allen is someone I’ve always admired in the Dance business. She’s absolutely amazing! She is everything I aspire to be like. If I could model my career after someone it would be her. I love that Debbie Allen is not just a dancer/performer. She’s an actress, choreographer, producer and teacher. She’s what I call a “versatile artist”. She has done it all and is still doing it! I love that despite the people she’s met and worked with, she still gives back in so many ways. She created the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA). She trains young aspiring dancers and gives them opportunities to propel their dance careers. I was afforded the opportunity to attend one of her summer Dance intensives in Atlanta this summer and it was amazing. She came and worked with us. I’ll never forget that experience. Of course, I would like to work with her again and ask her questions about the dance profession. I just love her!”

Currently, Shaylea is dancing and choreographing at her local church, “Cathedral of Faith Inc,” located in Tampa, Florida. Not only that, but she oversees the Church’s performing arts ministry, called “Kingdom Productions,” and is also the Head Choreographer for the all of the churches that are affiliated with “Cathedral of Faith Inc.” (Weeerrrrkkkk!).

Make sure you keep up with Shaylea and her Dancing career by following her on:

Instagram: @shay_lauren94 or @__shaylaurenscloset

Facebook: @shayshaylauren.

Snapchat: @shayshaylauren

If you are looking to book Shaylea for projects or events, you can book her by sending a direct message to her Instagram or Facebook.

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