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Sensationally Nappy

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Meet Lori Scott – The Owner of Sensationally Nappy! Sensationally Nappy celebrates the natural hair movement with creative, unique, and custom made tees! Lori’s “The Natural Queen” tee is a popular tee that is loved by many! Make sure you check out Lori’s store at, and purchase your tee today! Use the code #Queen to get 30% of your total purchase! (BOOM!)

You can follow Lori and Sensationally Nappy via social media at:

Twitter: Sensationally Nappy || Black Hair Rocks! || Supa Soul Sista

Instagram: Sensationally_Nappy

Google+: Sensationally Nappy

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This business is #BossApproved, so GET YOUR SENSATIONALLY NAPPY  TEES TODAY!

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