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Meet Robert L. Horton! Robert represents Springfield, IL and is a Poet and Author.  As a Poet, Robert does rhymed poetry and spoken word – with the topics varying from everyday highs and lows of life, spiritual, family, issues of the soul, inspiration, and the celebration and remembrance of others. As an Author, he writes books to be relatable to everyday people & offer hope and inspiration – with the goal of making a positive impact on his readers.  

His recent book Fame, is a poetry book dedicated to his daughter Amaiya and the great city of Chicago.  This book caters to young adults to elders and is inspirational in nature.  However, Fame isn’t Robert’s first book – as he has previously written and published two other titles: Released and Miscellaneous Pieces.

“When I was writing and publishing my first book, I kept vacillating between, are my poems good enough to be published or not. But after I got over my initial fears of believing that my poems were good enough to be published, it boosted my confidence for my second and third book.  When I finally seen my work in print, I became overwhelmed and very emotional.”

 So what inspired his recent book Fame? Robert tells us that it was due to his other two books, as his poems kept piling up.   Robert says that he first started writing poems in his 20s through part of his 40s, with his work being set to publish into his book Released

Published in 2015, Released is an inspirational book of poetry that spans over 3 decades, and is split into the three sections: Spiritual, Insight for Life, and is Specifically Written for Others.  Robert’s second book Miscellaneous Pieces, published in 2017, is also an inspirational book of poetry and gives readers insight on how he became a poet, which is dedicated to his brother Fred. Not only is Robert passionate about poetry, but has now turn it into books of meaning for others.  Make sure you keep up with Robert, as he is currently working on a new book called Black Rage and The Universal Revolution with an anticipated release date of 2022!

If you are an aspiring Author, Robert has the following advice,

”It is a pleasure to be a poet and to have something meaningful to offer people.  Embrace your passion, give it energy, and redeem the time. Believe in yourself and don’t give up.  My brother’s constant encouragement and telling me that I can make it, has kept me grounded in all of my business endeavors.  I’m very thankful!”

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