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Meet Terrance Ramses – Caribbean Decent P.R and U.S.V.I., but representing New Jersey! Terrance is a BOSS ENTREPRENUER and Owner of Ripe Brand Clothing! (RBC)
With a vision to encourage entrepreneurship and stand out with the amazing tropical red pineapple! Ripe Brand Clothing has a mission is to Restore, Build, Create! (RBC) Respect Brain Creativity, Respect Black Culture, Respect Black Children, Repair Broken Communities. These are some of the acronyms of Ripe Brand!

Ripe Brand Clothing is a fashion brand that works with community to change poverty, as well as inspire others to go after their visions and passions. Ripe Brand Clothing is a full apparel line that offers T-shirts, Shorts, Hats, workout gear, dress, watches, socks, and more. This is a Men’s and Women’s Royal Line of Clothing, that is currently doing Urban and Beach Wear for traveling. Their themes consist of relaxation, tropical fruits, and casual designs! (NICCEE!!) Ripe Brand Clothing website currently offers 5 products, which are production based.

So what got Terrance interested in starting his own clothing line? Terrance tells us that he has always had the ability to draw and have been an artist most of his life. He finally decided to act on the passion that has been sitting in him since he was in high school, which came to him in a dream in 2015. (BOOM!)


“Our Community is geared to people who think change, uplifting, empowerment, entrepreneurship, uniqueness, and self-loving because we live in a society where everyone is trying to copy on another and there is only one you. Our community is call Royal Blossom Commonwealth. The reason that its named that because it is a kingdom that is that is going to sustain a culture of everyone being different to where the support system contains it’s on wealth or ideas and visions to inspire others to their purposes in life.”

In the beginning stages of his business, Terrance says that his challenge was fundraising – to help get his company off the ground! Once the company moved from Daytona Beach to Tampa, they begin to gain traction, as they met more supporters out there. Terrance tells us that he could have keep the crowdfund going, however he wanted to produce nothing into something.

Ripe Brand Clothing provides high demand products, that are based on production. Terrance tells us that for product design, it can take a day or week depending on the thoughts and imagination at the moment. For production, it could possibly take 2-6 weeks – depending on manufacturing, shipping, and quality checks!


“Our most popular piece is the Kings and Queens, which is the Red Spanish Black Crown T-shirt. It has most of the colors of Africa and the Caribbean Islands as well. The color scheme is unique with light weight, non-shrinking, no fade feel to it. When you put on our clothing you’ll feel as if you’re on top of the world.”

Make sure you keep up with Ripe Brand Clothing, as they have an upcoming event:

Black Bus Tour
June 23, 2018
Clearwater, FL

Ripe Brand Clothing recently participated in Multicultural Day in Tampa, FL, which took place on May 19th! Rip Brand Clothing will also be participating in various upcoming fashion shows, and are also looking to do some nationwide things soon! (SUPER BOSS!)

“We are starting to get the requests at events and are in the process of deciding which ones to attend. The demand has gotten so high, to where we don’t know where to start.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Ripe Brand Clothing, you can do so at:

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If you’re looking to have your own clothing line, Terrance has the following advice,


“Don’t quit no matter what the obstacles are. Those are just distractions from your visions. I would recommend 2 books to get on business: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” By Robert Kiyosaki and “Outwitting the Devil” by Neoplean Hill.”

Ripe Brand Clothing has these final words for our readers:

“My CEO – Mr. Donta Joe and my myself feel excited and bubbly about being featured in your magazine! We look forward to being at one of events!!”


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