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Ladies, have you ever needed quick and convenient when dealing with your hair? Ever had a hairtstyle go left, while trying to get yourself right? Well we spoke with Quaniqua Avant, who just may have the solution for you!

Repping Brooklyn, NY, Quaniqua Avant is a Computer Engineer for TD bank and has her own hair business, called Realistic Wigs. For Quaniqua, her goals are her daily forces (We heard that!!) Quaniqua tells us that she has worked so hard to be where she is today, and that she sees herself going so much further.

Having a hair line was never Quaniqua’s passion, but her Mother and Sister both knew how to do hair, which was an overlooked calling turned side hustle. Quaniqua was always focused on getting her Bachelors and working for a big company, until she realized that the typical 9-5 job may not be for her. When Quaniqua graduated college, she was very ambitious and ready to make real money, but she stuck with what she knew and challenged herself to be better! (Now that’s a BOSS!)

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“Times can get hard, where it is so easy to be discouraged. but why loose hope? I have come a long way. There is a chance that my business will really take off and once it does there is no stopping”

“I stuck with what I know and challenged myself to be better and here I am today. Doing something that has always helped me. Being my own boss! I know I have a lot more growing to do, but I am enjoying this journey that I am on. I have siblings that look up to me now, and I want them to see that life does have meaning and things to offer. We had a very rough up bringing, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want them to work hard and be focused. Once you’re focused, everything will fall into place!”

So what pushed Quaniqua to start her own business? Well here’s the scoop! Quaniqua started her own wig line in college a few years ago, but she just didn’t know it yet. She was one of the only girls doing hair on campus, so everyone came to her to get their hair done. She had a great college discounts and all of her clients were motivating. They would tell her how much they loved her work! Shortly after college she started working and was doing hair on the side consistently. Quaniqua mostly did a lot of sew-ins, due them being popular at the time, but she’s always turned her weaves into wigs. (Dope right!?)

For Quaniqua, having her hair done attracted a lot of customers, but once she told them it was a wig, she would always get the same reaction. “like no way… who did it… can you do mine?” Etc. As time went on, Quaniqua started doing some research and soon built her company, Realistic Wigs.

Realistic Wigs is an online store that is currently under construction. Don’t get discouraged, as Realistic Wigs is actually based out of New York and New Jersey, to provide products to local customers! (Quaniqua has you covered!!) Not only is she providing hair, she is also providing services of sewing wigs down, makeup service, or even some headshot photoshoots; She does it all!! At this time Quaniqua is growing her business and has hopes to open a store for Realistic Wigs one day.

If you’re looking to have your own business, this is what Quaniqua advises,

My number one tip is to go for it! Give it your all and don’t let ANYONE tell you, “you can’t do it” … because you can. You gotta start somewhere! Be consistent and spread love; it’s soooo much easier. People love to feel beautiful and I am so happy to help those around me by fixing their hair.”

“Also, explore the inner you! Try something new. Your hair is your crown and you should invest in it. Who doesn’t love a new look every now and then.”

Realistic Wigs has all custom made wigs, that are available in any style, color, length, or form. They are very versatile, as you can pony tails and buns or wear it curly and straight. The most popular wig is the middle part, straight textured, 20 inches’ length wig, as it is the most affordable. Quaniqua says that if you want a customized hair line, the prices do increase a little bit, but you get your money’s worth, and that no one will ever know you’re wearing a wig! (WEEERRRKKKK!!)

For Quaniqua, she prefers a wig with a frontal. Here’s her reasoning,

“A lace frontal is a customized hair line and it comes with the baby hairs and it looks very natural. I get a lot of compliments on it as well.”

So we got to the nitty gritty of finding out the process of making a wig! Quaniqua tells us that it typically takes her about three hours to make a wig. However, she tells her customers two weeks because of the amount of orders she receives. Quaniqua never rushes her process and once it is made, she puts her products through testing states, to ensure that it’s secure and that it looks good from all angles. Quaniqua did advise us that the processing time will change once she hires more employees.

Quaniqua stands firm behind her product and tells us what makes her wigs better than the others,

“My wigs are custom made units so you won’t find it in the store or on someone else. They last for years depending on how well you take care of it. And they are very affordable. Custom wigs start at about $1000. My wigs are just as good in quality and sell for about $500. Some are even cheaper like $350. If you do the math on how much hair cost, you will see Realisticwigs has the best options.”

If you’re looking to order a wig form Realistic Wigs, but are still unsure, don’t doubt it anymore!!!! To date, Quaniqua tells us that she has sold roughly 300+ wigs and has very consistent. (BOOM!) Ultimately, Quaniqua’s goal is to be Beyoncé’s wig stylist and most importantly have a multi-million-dollar business! (Yasssss!!)

If you’re interested in purchasing a wig, you can do so via:


Website: (website will be up in about two weeks!!)

Be sure to keep up with Quaniqua and Realistic Wigs on social media:

Instagram: realisticwigs and phenomenal.Q

Facebook: realisticwigs

Youtube: realisticwigs and phenomenal.q

Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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