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Meet Quinetta Latham of Divine Diva Inspiration! She represents Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a Clarity Coach, Brand Strategist, Speaker, and the Mrs. Black International Ambassador.  For Quinetta, helping people to execute their goals and turn their aspirations to reality, has always motivated her.  From planning weddings, to directing pageants and hosting one of a kind empowerment conferences – her desire has always been to create unforgettable memories that have lasting impact.  

“I encourage my clients to be authentic, be bold and brave enough to Dare To Be Different.  I love the idea that as a Brand Strategist, I get the opportunity to set clients up for success by building brands that are unique, valuable and profitable.”

As a Brand Strategist, her clients are dreamers willing to trust her, the process, and themselves. With Brand Development being her specialty, Quinetta says that most of her clients need help with creating their brand identity. She walks her clients through the steps to understanding their brand’s purpose, position and path – which are all critical when establishing brand identity & building a well-loved business, that attracts customers and adds value to the business segment. Her branding system focuses on a few different phases including but not limited to: Brand Discovery, Authenticity & Alignment, Private Labeling and Marketing Campaigns. 

“Most people think that establishing brand identity is a two-step process that includes (1) a logo design and (2) a pretty cool website.  I help my clients understand that before we can attract we must first assess.”

Initially, starting her business journey was challenging, but it did not stop her. Her first struggle was believing her worthiness. Quinetta says that she believed that she was capable of transforming lives, building connections, and launching dope brands – but there were days that fear attempted to outshine her faith.

Along with understanding her worthiness, she also struggled with understanding new marketing trends. With marketing changes always being present, understanding how to succeed in a fast pace industry is key. These challenges did not stop Quinetta, as she continued to push through by enrolling herself in Master Classes and online courses, to help her keep her finger on the pulse of the marketing industry.

Quinetta caught her big break as a Brand Strategist, upon being hired by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Celebrity and Attorney, Kendra Robinson.  Although she didn’t have a large following – her passion, purpose, & transparency earned Kendra’s trust and created a blooming symbiotic business relationship. Quinetta says that Kendra has inspired and pushed her to grow and expand her brand, and she is excited for what’s to come.  Quinetta says that launching the Hour Glass Body Brand last year and consistently seeing the company’s numbers grow substantially, has been her most profound client accomplishment.

“My journey as a Brand Strategist has been different, breaking some conventional rules and blazing new trails along the way.   After successfully launching my first business, I realized that I wanted to empower and equip dreamers with the opportunity to be entrepreneurs.  My big break didn’t come because I was a huge social media influencer, it came because every day I chose to get up, show up, and do the work. I am grateful for the opportunity to merge my creativity and compassion with innovation and inspiration, to create one dope strategist. If you work your purpose, your purpose will make you profits.”

“It makes me proud to know that even during the coronavirus pandemic, my company has been able to help dreamers unlock the doors to success through entrepreneurship.  I’m excited that many of my clients are seeing an increase in sales and visibility across marketing channels.  The world is not going to be the same anymore, so I am most proud that my company has been able to adapt and act quickly in order to survive these uncertain times and thrive in the days to come.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Brand Strategist, Quinetta has the following advice,

  • Silence the voices of doubt and fear
  • Get a Coach or An Accountability Partner
  • Stay informed and educated – Invest in Y-O-U (attend workshops, seminars and conferences to increase your knowledge & understanding of the field)
  • Be consistent with your personal brand visibility.  If you think you’re doing too much, you’re not doing enough…

Rocking as a Brand Strategist isn’t Quinetta’s only claim to fame, as she is also the inaugural Mrs. Black International Ambassador! Inspired by its mission & pillars of purpose being in direct alignment with who she is and what she believes, Quinetta says she joined the MBIA Sisterhood because she wanted to do something about the social ills that plague our communities, country, and world.

“The MBIA exists to give black women globally an opportunity to serve as International Ambassadors of Change that use their voices to evoke and create global impact.  It is about more than banging bodies and beat faces; we are about breaking generational curses and advancing Social Justice. I joined because I want black mothers to feel supported, I want black daughters to feel loved and I want my black sisters to know that they are worthy of honor, respect and all that God has destined for their lives. One of my favorite quotes is “No one person can do everything, but everybody can do something.”

With her life’s work being dedicated to sparking the flames of clarity, personal value, and purpose in the lives of others – Quinetta says that she has been blessed to travel the country as a transformational speaker and licensed minister. As impactful as it has been, her work and life up to this point has been just a warm-up – a preparation for greater works to come. Using her gifts and talents to serve her community, and the ability to walk in her truth has helped her prepare to serve as the reigning Queen.

With the Miss Black International Ambassador Pageant previously consisting of only two divisions: Teen and Miss – Quinetta says her journey to the crown was quite different.  Just last year, the pageant started a global search for two women they felt embodied the essence of the brand, its values and mission. This changed allowed for Quinetta to shine and be crowned the inaugural Mrs. Black International Ambassador in October of 2019!

 “I’ve been blessed to use my gift to help individuals break through emotional barriers while preaching in the pulpit, teaching in the prison system and coaching in the parking lot.  My ultimate goal for accepting the call to reign as the inaugural Mrs. Black International Ambassador is to partner with the organization to utilize its resources and unlock the opportunity to do more, reach more and serve more while making an International Impact.  I am honored to continue to impact and inspire through my platform Faith, Family & Fitness: Equipping Women to Walk Boldly in Their Divine Destiny.”

If you’re interested in participating in the Miss Black International Ambassador Pageant, Quinetta has the following advice,

“First, I would encourage women to do their due diligence and research the organization to make sure it is a fit for their life‘s mission.

The Miss Black International Ambassador Pageant is More Than a Pageant, it’s a platform designed to give black Women access to a program that will allow them to be agents of change while changing their lives forever.  In preparation for applying and competing, I’d encourage women to know their platforms, their roles as change agents and most importantly how to translate that flawlessly through continued service and communication to the organization and judges.

Finally, I’d encourage women to show up as the best version of themselves by creating a routine that incorporates mental, physical, technical and social growth.  The journey to the crown won’t be easy.  You must be willing to make sacrifices and train properly.  Your training will evolve as you grow through the process, but it is imperative that you focus on your attitude, skills and thoughts, these are foundational in how you will perform and embrace your journey to the crown.  Your training, unique traits, talent and transparency should always give you the strength to stand on any stage and compete in any arena.  The entire pageant process is meant to empower, enlighten and encourage you to create a legacy that is impactful and influential.  If you feel that you’re ready to join a sisterhood filled with Powerful Black Women that are changing the World then please visit http://www.thembiapageant.com to apply.”

Make sure you keep up with Quinetta, as she has several upcoming events and opportunities on the horizon:  Athletic company offering fitness apparel and workout inspiration to keep you motivated to reach your health and wellness goals.  Quinetta will also be hosting Build It Like A Boss – Boutique Boot Camp, as well as her two empowerment events: The annual Denim & Destiny Empowerment Conference and the Fitness FriYAY Health and Wellness Summit. She is also set to share her story in an anthology set to release this fall.

 “It is truly a blessing to be able to identify your passions and understand that your life has a higher purpose.  I know that my divine purpose is to teach, equip and empower others to take the limits off and tap fully into their power.  My platform Faith, Family, Fitness:  Equipping Women To Walk Boldly In Their Divine Destiny is designed to help women crossover from where they are, to where they desire to be while doing what they love. It is important to nurture your own narrative and always keep grinding – This business advice shared by some of my mentors and leaders, has kept me grounded through all of my endeavors.

To connect and collaborate with Quinetta for business and projects, you can do so via:

Website: http://www.quinettalatham.com

Facebook @Quinetta Latham

Instagram: @quinettalatham

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