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Representing West Philadelphia, PA, Catherine Ashly Davis is a Master Educator of Cosmetology, Motivational Speaker, Plus Model, and Advocate for Autism and Lupus awareness! Catherine is motivated by her family, as they support and encourage her to be her best at all times.

Catherine is a Cosmetologist that works from a studio in her home and travels often for photography work, where she does hair and make-up! (SUPER BOSS STATUS!) Catherine specializes in hair care and natural extensions, and provides services for special occasions such as weddings and one-on-one education. Being a Cosmetologist was not always Catherine’s passion, as being an advocate was her first priority passion.

“Before I became a cosmetologist, I was an assistant Special Education Teacher. I worked with Autistic children until my son was diagnosed with Autism. I always viewed being a cosmetologist as being a hobby, not an actual career option. I attended college and became ill soon after. I learned later that stress was the cause, but it made me transition my career options and focus more on doing what I loved.”

Catherine states that becoming a Cosmetologist was a great life choice when she began her journey, however she now suffers from Lupus Sle, which limits how many clients she can do within one day. Catherine says that she is now focusing on inspirational speaking and women empowerment.

“I enjoy showing women how to beautify themselves, as it builds confidence and encourages women to appreciate their self-worth. PlusSizeMePlz is my new baby – this brand is inclusive and allows me to empower individuals, to be their best selves through learning how to accept and practice self-love.


“If I could pick to work with any idol one day, it would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has a host of jewels from her life experiences, that I would love to connect with. Being an entrepreneur is difficult and can be overwhelming, but she has always persevered and I always admired her positive energy. Working with her would be a dream come true on so many levels!”

Make sure you check out Catherine’s upcoming events, as she will be speaking about empowerment and positivity:
1.) The sisters cruise
2.) Philadelphia Curve Weekend

If you’re interested in booking Catherine for her services, you can do so at: http://www.catherineashlybeauty.com


If you’re interested in becoming a Cosmetologist, Catherine has the following advice,

“I would encourage people to do their research. Becoming a cosmetologist isn’t for the faint at heart, building a beauty empire requires years of investing without beneficial income sometimes. Many hair and makeup artist will admit that it took at least 5years to brand themselves so they could reap the benefits of their hard work and investment. The beauty industry is constantly changing so keeping up with techniques and educational classes is the only way a stylist can survive. Make a choice to do what you “love” or continue finding a path that will lead you there.”

Be sure to keep up and follow Catherine via Instagram:

1.) @Catherine_Ashly: Personal Page. Providing empowerment through adversities connected to chronic illness, autism, and entrepreneurship

2.) @Catherineashly_beauty: Catherine’s hair and makeup brand.

3.) @Plussize_meplz: An extension of Catherine Ashly. Plussizemeplz is a platform that empowers individuals to love themselves as they are, regardless of size.

Catherine has the following final words for our readers:

“Life is about making the best choices within YOUR journey. Everyone’s journey is different so don’t compare your life to others, yet make observations and decisions that are best suited for you and your divine purpose. My life changes often and I’ve learned to adjust and be open to self-love and change. Loving myself and putting my health first is very important, my life and career can’t continue if I don’t acknowledge that first. Lastly make every moment count while you can. Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, but knowing that all things work out in the end, can be motivation to keep going with a positive perspective.”

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