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Do you live in Peoria, IL and are looking to get your child involved in a positive program? Want your child to be around strong and positive role models? Well check out the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

Representing Peoria, IL, Orlando Edwards Sr. is a Direct Support Personal and Youth Development Specialist. Orlando is motivated by giving back to the community via the youth; which is why there’s no wonder to why he created the organization Peoria Pride Basketball!

“I wanted to give back to the community and use basketball as my tool to be a positive influence on the youth, the city of Peoria as a whole, and the great satisfaction of one’s achievement!”


Peoria Pride Basketball strives to reach youth, set them on the path at an early age, and create a program that focuses not only creating a better basketball player – more importantly, a productive member of society who has learned life and leadership skills. Peoria Pride Basketball provides a program that teaches basketball skills and life skills, to develop children mentally and physically, and caters to both children and adults! In the beginning stages of his organization, Orlando biggest challenge was getting support from local businesses and sponsors, but that did not stop his grind!

“We are helping children grow a passion for something at an early age and giving the parents something to look forward to. I see our organization saving a lot of kids from the street life, and putting Peoria back on the map as a power house for basketball as it once was.”

Make sure you check out Peoria Pride Basketball upcoming events:

1. Basketball tournament on April 7th and 8th, in Peoria, IL.

2. Multiple tournaments throughout Illinois – Stay Tuned!

Make sure you keep up and follow the Peoria Pride Basketball at:

If you’re looking to start your own organization, Orlando has the following advice,
“Do your research, trust the process, and have ambition.”

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  1. This is my first hearing of this organization. This is awesome and much needed in our troubled city. Thank you, Carol

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