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Looking for stylish clothing and accessories that make statements? Want to support a clothing line that provides fashion, but also gives back to the community? Well we have just the brand for you! Say hello to “Passionate Rebel LLC.”
Repping Newark, NJ, Warith EL-Amin Jumu’ah is the Founder/ Sole Proprietor of the Lifestyle Movement ‘Passionate Rebel LLC.’ Passionate Rebel is a clothing line and lifestyle movement that promotes following one’s passion through creating fashionable apparel, being community active, and coordinating networking opportunities to redefine what it means to be an individual.
Passionate Rebel offers a prethala of clothing and accessories, such as Passionate Rebel sweatshirts, hoodies, varsity and bomber jackets, hats, buttons, and book bags. The company also coordinates community events and networking engagements, as well as does motivational speaking at various educational institutions and speaking engagements. (BOSS Status!)
So how did Warith get into designing products? Warith tells us that he’s always wanted to be an Entrepreneur, but just didn’t know how I would become one. In June 2014, Passionate Rebel came alive a month before he was laid off from his primary means of income. (Boss Moves!)

“I always had an eye for fashion. I knew fashion would allow us to create more awareness of the brand. With that being known, I started producing fashionable items that would allow me to promote becoming a better individual.”

I’m very attentive to what occurs around me. I become inspired by things that occur daily. My ideas are normally generated by the non-existent things that people tend to want in their life such as love, hope, positivity, and inspiration. I take these certain desires and transform them into tangible objects such as clothing that makes it accessible for the people to acquire. It’s geared toward everyone. We create Breast Cancer Awareness items for those battling Breast Cancer. Passionate Rebel supports creating Autism Awareness. Lastly, we always create fashionable apparel for the everyday person and are very active in various communities by doing community work with the youth daily.

Though Warith financially struggled in the beginning of jumpstarting his company, that did not stop his grind!! Warith never gave up and built his audience from scratch! All of his hard work paid off, as he is currently in a better place financially, being recognized for his hard work, is constantly making an impact, and has a great following! (Now’s that a BOSS!)
Warith tells us that the inspiration behind his most popular product is giving hope to people, and inspiring the individual that’s looking to redefine who they are. When asked about the designing process, Warith stated that he never rushes any of his designs or projects. Though Warith works 24/7, it takes about 2-3 weeks to complete a project. This time frame is based on items being shipped in, and ensuring that his graphic design image is on point for the clothing. Another factor that plays a role in the design process timing, is if the screen printing, chenille patches, or embroidery is being done. Not only that, it also depends on how many orders are being completed.



“My mind is constantly in motion with new ideas and new ways for my team to make more of an impact on the world. When I am in my creative spaces, I tend to work myself to the max. Great things shouldn’t be rushed!”

Our Passionate Rebel “Defining Myself” T-shirt reads “Defining Myself, As Opposed To Being Defined By Others, Is The Most Difficult Challenge I Face. It’s an issue that many people face day in and day out of their life. Many of their obstacles force them to doubt their ability to become a great individual. They doubt their own potential, question their greatness, and allow others to define those things for them. The mission behind the T-shirt is to spark the questions of “Who am I? / What am I here for?” I want to be able to get people to think highly of themselves and change their approaches in life.

Passionate Rebel has had its clothing worn on the set of shows such as: ‘Comeback Kings’ featuing Treach of Naughty By Nature, Doitall of Lords of the Underground, Mr. Cheeks from the legendary group “The Lost Boyz’, Black Rob, and Legendary DJ, ED Lover. Also, Passionate Rebel’s movement has been featured in various magazines and community events. Passionate Rebel continuously participates in Career and College Fairs, at various Colleges and High Schools. Passionate Rebel has also received the 2016 Newark, NJ “30 Under 30” Ubuntu Wellness Award. Their accomplishments doesn’t stop there, as they’ve also vended at the world’s largest hair festival called ‘Curlfest’ in 2017! (WHAT A TOTAL BOSS!)

Be sure to keep up with Passionate Rebel because in 2018, they have some amazing events and projects coming up:
• Hosting their 1st Annual Passionate Rebel Award Gala.
• Hosting our 2nd annual Teen Summit event in Newark, New Jesey
• Hosting our 1st Passionate Rebel Fashion Week Extravaganza
• 4th annual Passionate Rebel Team walk for Breast Cancer Awareness
• 2nd annual Passionate Rebel Back to School Drive
• Pushing our Passionate Rebel Girl campaign that inspires women to be great.
• Vending at Curlfest 2018

If you’re looking to create your own business of designing products, Warith has the following advice:

1. Creating your own opportunities is important.
2. Relying on yourself secures the success for your brand
3. Having great manners will take you places money can’t.
4. We must expose individuals to the idea of following their dreams because we weren’t taught to dream outside of our comfort zone.
5. Any product created must fill the heart of your customer.


To book Passionate Rebel for speaking engagements or to purchase clothing, go to

Make sure you keep up with Passionate Rebel, by following all of their social media:
Instagram: @passionaterebel.
Snapchat: Passionaterebel.

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