Meet The Founder



Twanita Dozier is an Author, Speaker, Traveler, and Founder of Boss Up Magazine.  Although she is a Chicago native, the Washington D.C. Metro Area is where she currently resides. Twanita is an Alumni of Bradley University, and has a background in Education, Social Services, and Human Resources.

With a passion of helping and empowering others, Twanita is all about providing support and a helping hand to those who need it. She has never been shy on giving back and helping all that she can. For Twanita, supporting Black owned businesses and organizations are very important – as exposure is what she believes the African-American community lacks. The lack of exposure and support of Black owned businesses has inspired the creation of the magazine, which is one of the many ways Twanita plans to break the barrier.  The vision of Boss Up Magazine is great and is one that Twanita plans to bring to reality.  Boss Up Magazine will continue to celebrate #BlackExcellence and Twanita invites you to join her in doing so!