Meet The Founder

Are you ready to finally learn more about the official Boss? I hope so, as I AM EXCITED to give you the “exclusive” about me! So let’s get started….


My name is Twanita Dozier and I am the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Boss Up Magazine! I am a Southside Chicago, IL native, now residing in Virginia.  I attended T.F. North High School, located in Calumet City, IL, and I graduated in 2005!  After high school, I attended Bradley University, located in Peoria, IL, where I studied Education and Sociology.

In 2006, I participated in a disaster relief trip to assist with Hurricane Katrina, and I  have also assisted at many Special Olympics programs!  From 2006-2009, I volunteered and provided support to adults with disabilities, cancer patients, and hospice patients. In 2017, I went on the Steve Harvey Show, became a Wife, and continued my love of travel! I have traveled to many places such as Belize, Hawaii, Haiti, and more! I SIMPLY LOVE TO HAVE FUN AND ENJOY LIFE!

“For me, I have always been into creative writing and entrepreneurship, and just always found myself being an entrepreneur in some aspect of my life.”

In 2013, I quit my job due a toxic work environment.  At the time, I had another job setup for me to transition into, but it didn’t work out as I had planned. This left me with no income and a challenging task of finding a job QUICKLY in the city of Chicago.  One day, I was online applying for jobs, and I stumbled across a posting on Craigslist.  The company was looking for drivers for a rideshare service called “Lyft”.  Now at the time, “Uber” was taking over the rideshare service in Chicago, but it was limited to those who had black trucks.  I read the description of the posting and decided to apply.  This introduced me to entrepreneurship in a way that I never imagined.  I was able to work when I wanted and the money was great; especially since I didn’t have any income.  This allowed me to basically become my own BOSS and I loved it!! Eventually, I relocated to the DMV area for personal and career reasons, but the entrepreneur in me followed!


So what made me create Boss Up Magazine? As another source of income, I created a business called “The Allure Brand,” where I designed coffee mugs, cell phone cases, and t-shirts that had uplifting quotes for Black women.  As I built and pushed my business, I realized that there were, and still are, a lot of Black owned businesses that aren’t recognized or supported.  I decided that this needed to change, and that I was going to be the person to change it! And this is how Boss Up Magazine ® was created..

I think that supporting Black owned businesses and organizations is very important, especially to our community.  Not only is it empowering, but it reinforces the importance of pursing goals and dreams; which can sometimes become lost due to lack of support. Boss Up Magazine will continue to celebrate #BlackExcellence and I invite you to join us in doing so!


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed.”