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Looking for some amazing artwork that is creative and ?! Well check out the very talented Justin Richburg!! Representing Philadelphia, PA (Philly), Justin Richburg is an Artist, who has a daily motivation of living through his work. Justin specializes in Mechanical point and paper, and originally got into art with the help of his manager!

“Art was something I always did. I didn’t really have a real passion. Art was just always there.”

So how long does it take for Justin to create this amazingly detailed pieces of art work? The time frame of his artwork creation varies, as it could take up to a day or a year. Justin tells us that he faced the challenge of making people believe being an artist is a career, but that did not stop him!

When asked about his most influential piece of artwork, Justin tells us that his piece “Dice Game” is the most influential, as it has sparked interviews from various people! Justin’s work has been featured in The Source, Complex, and many others! Not only is Justin talented at art, he also enjoys writing poems and telling jokes!

Be sure to keep up with Justin and his work, as he will be doing his 1st art show in May of 2018!

You can purchase Justin’s amazing art at:

If you’re interested in booking Justin for projects or events, you can at:

You can follow Justin on social media at:

Instagram: justin_richburg

Twitter: _justinrichburg

Facebook: justin richburg

Tumblr: justinrichburg

Snapchat: justinyabish215


If you’re looking to become an artist, Justin has the following advice,

“Just draw.”


Justin has the following final words for the readers:

“Big girls love the kid.”

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