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Do you enjoy pampering yourself, in forms of spa days? When was the last time you got your nails done? Can’t get enough of that nail bling? Well whether you’re planning a trip to the nail salon for pampering or special occasion, make sure you let this seasoned and highly creative Nail Technician hook you up!!

Representing Columbus, Ohio, Syreeta Lacey is a Licensed Nail Technician, motivated by her clients and pushing herself and creativity to reach the next level! Syreeta is truly talented in her profession and loves the creativity and flexibility of the industry. However, for Syreeta, the “cherry on top” is putting a smile on her client’s faces.

Syreeta has been a Nail Technician for 5+ years and started her career with The Spa School located in Columbus, Ohio. It only took her 4 months to become a Licensed Nail Technician, which she accomplished as a part-time student!! (SUPER BOSS!) Though being an Art Education Teacher was her original passion, doing nails became her passion while she was in college.

“I was in college with no one to do my nails lol. I took it upon myself to learn the craft and apply my artistic ability. The rest is history!”


Syreeta caught her first big break as a nail technician when she transitioned to “Nails by Ali Nail Salon.” This caused business for Syreeta to pick up tremendously, and it gave her the opportunity to work with a great group of women who support one another! (BOSS WOMEN UNITED!) Doing nails isn’t Syreeta’s only talent, as she creates and sells abstract paintings from time to time. Wait, it doesn’t stop there either!! She also makes and sells her own sugar scrub and body butter!! (YASSSS!!)

Acrylic nail, gel nails, and hand painted designs are Syreeta’s specialty. However, Acrylic nails with rhinestones is the most requested service by her clients, which can takes an average of 75 to 90 minutes to complete; depending on the details of the requested work. To date, Syreeta has worked with over 200 clients, with most of them being women.



My ladies love the bling! I do provide services for men and women; however, 99 percent of my clientele are women. I would like to gain more men as clientele, it’s good for men to pamper themselves too!”

In the beginning of her business, Syreeta dealt with a few challenges, but they that didn’t stop her grind!

“Building clientele after I completed school was a challenge, and it took 3 years before my business increased. Learning how to tell people ‘No’, was a challenge as well. I had to learn that you cannot please everybody in this industry.”

Syreeta’s talents goes beyond the shop, as she was provided the opportunity to perform a gel service for Tamar Braxton during the Great Xscape Tour! (LOVE IT!!) Ultimately, Syreeta tells us that she hopes to own her own nail salon and an continuing Education center. Make sure you keep up with Syreeta, as she may be partnering up with an amazing make-up artist (MUA) to provide services for a Mother’s Day giveaway.

If you’re interested in becoming a Nail Technician, Syreeta has the following advice,

“Most people want to chase money in this industry. I’d say chase purpose with a passion. Anything done without passion has no purpose in the end. Stay focused, keep evolving, and never give up.”

If you’re interested in booking Syreeta for her services, you can do so by going to:,


To keep up with Syreeta and get updates on her upcoming events/projects, follow her on:

Instagram: @NaildbyLace

Syreeta has these final words for our readers:

“Feel free to follow my salon sisters on Instagram! @Nailsbyali_nailsalon, @Phouangmalay @Nailedbyaisha and @_thenailhustla.”

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