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Do you have business and need help getting it out to the world? Ever wondered how some businesses gained their large following? Well get your pen and notepad out, because the Marketing Genius, Dasean Barnes has given us the details!

All the way from Newark, NJ, Dasean E. Barnes is a Digital Marketing and Technology Strategist Consulting. He has worked with some of the top agencies and brands, from Walmart to Louis Vuitton. (Dope Right?!) Dasean has 13 years’ experience at this craft and it has allowed him to be his own boss, as well as travel and work where and how he wants. (BOSS Status!!)

Dasean’s driving force is a motto used by his Pastor, “Bringing a little up there down here.” The goal of the motto was for everyone to bring a little heaven to earth for someone, even if it was a smile or just a kind act. Dasean says that he tries his best to make everyone around him feel comfortable and free, like they could talk to him about anything and that he has their back; even if he just met them. Dasean also has the focus in his entrepreneurship life of making sure that everything he learns, he teaches to his family so that they can use in their journey and hustle. (A True BOSS!)

Dasean’s company, Osiris3, specializes in taking the noise of digital, social, and consumer media and making sense of it for his clients allowing them to take action and focus on making better products vs. trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. (Dope right?!) Not only that, Osiris3 also offers Full spectrum digital media services from app development, web development, digital growth strategy, media buying, SEO, SEM and pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to the digital world. But the main focus is making sure all of those things work well together. Dasean says it’s like he always says to his team,

“The race car engineer doesn’t drive or design the car, the designer doesn’t build or drive the car and the driver just twins the races. But we have to make sure we can do all three jobs to deliver results for our clients.”



“I make mistakes, learn from them, and level up so the people around me can go even higher, be even better and have more success.”

“Once I asked my former boss Sean Combs (Combs Enterprises) one thing you should know to get rich, and he said “You get rich by being good at making rich people richer” … #Facts”

So how did Dasean get into Marketing? For Dasean, it was all about “The blind hustle.” Dasean gave us some interesting facts, which was that 80 % of the men in his life growing up had some kind of run in with the law and drugs. For Dasean, he had the help of sports, academics, computers, and art to help him escape on a daily basis. Dasean soon became really good at art and computers, which is what he used to get into the Mason Gross School of the arts at Rutgers University! (Awesome!) Once there, he started a side hustle of designing logos, flyers, fixing computers, and anything he could to make some extra money; when he wasn’t playing football. (Multi-Talented Boss!)


“Quickly, I noticed that there was a Gap (More like endless hole) with all the people I was hired to do work for and my family at home trying their best to become entrepreneurs. They all lacked customers and people being aware of their brands, products or events. So I started to learn more about websites and how to create advertisements on social media or just using social media for business in general. Quickly my graphic clients turned to marketing clients and I started to get called up by companies like HOT 97, Ciroc, Revolt TV, Louis Vuitton, Elizabeth Arden and more to help them grow their already massive audiences and sale products.”

Dasean tells Boss Up Magazine that in the beginning, he failed flat on his face hundreds of times, made many mistakes, had to start over, and start new companies over and over again. However, one thing that he has learned is to KEEP LEARNING from the mistakes and don’t repeat them. (BOOM!)

“Don’t hire the same person who made the deal fail before. Deliver exactly and more than what the client asked for, over communicate, and lead people; don’t just point in a direction and tell them to go! Jump starting a company requires one thing and one thing only … starting … even if you start for a month and fail, START over again and again until you get it right. The best way to learn about starting a company is starting one and failing. :)”

Currently, Dasean is building a digital platform that will do for entrepreneurs, small business owners and companies, what the stock ticker did for equities trading. (Amazing!) Though he can’t elaborate too much at this time, just know that it’s going to be pretty epic! This project will take all the of those years of his clients asking the same questions over and over, and building it into a digital version of himself! (YASSS!)

Wait, Dasean’s awesomeness doesn’t stop there!!! He also has a platform called, that he uses to offer free digital marketing courses to anyone who wants to learn and activate marketing today. It was created to prevent people from receiving bad advice on what they need to do to grow their brands, while they never actually had the explanation of the HOW. is a KNOW-HOW engine designed to teach beyond the what, and focus on the HOW and NOW. (Nice!!)


If you’re looking to create your own marketing company, this is what Dasean advises:

“Find a niche you know and have connections in to start. EVERYONE and their MOMMA will call themselves a marketer. So make sure when it comes to marketing dog walkers in the Seattle area you are the KING or QUEEN! No marketer will know every industry or be able to be the best in it so I would suggest finding something you’re already interested in and learning how to market that first then try and get clients in the niche.”

Dasean also provides the following advice,

“Live long, Fail often and Level UP! My social media account is all about motivation and mostly me checking myself and my own ego and I hope I can help others do the same.”

Be sure to keep up with Dasean and his company Osiris3, by following his social media:

Instagram: @Dasean_Barnes


Until next time…

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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