Donta the Designer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Fashionista? Or what it felt like to be a high demand MUA? Well Donta Henson-Garrett has given Boss Up Magazine those lovely details, and we are here to share them with you!

Coming from Washington, DC, Donta Henson-Garrett is an Employment Service Specialist, Fashion Designer, Seamstress, Make-Up Artist. (A multi-talented BOSS!) Donta has a fiery passion for fashion and beauty, which has been built on his ability to make people smile, and to feel as though he is being a blessing into their lives!

Though fashion and beauty were not his first passions, it soon took the number one spot after he saw how much joy and excitement it brings to his clients, when they are trying on clothes or when someone sees their transformation after getting their make-up done.

So what really got Donta into pursuing fashion? Due to the experience of having someone make an outfit for him that he didn’t like (oops!), Donta took the steps to assure himself that he would never let that happen again.  Donta soon began to sew for himself, which ultimately turned it into a business called, Labasia Designs. (Cashing Out!)




“Ultimately, I just would love to be a blessing to someone.  If I can make my clients feel like they are a million bucks at the end of our fittings., then I have accomplished my goal!  If you are in pursuit of a career in fashion design, never give up and always try to be different then the next designer.”


In the beginning, Donta struggled with getting consistent clientele and getting his name and brand known.  However, this did not stop Donta from pushing through! In fact, Donta expects to be doing a fashion show in Fall of 2018. (Weerrrkk!)




Labasia Designs have clothes for every shape and size, that are designed and created by Donta himself! Whether it be prom dresses, evening attire, or every day wear, Labasia Designs are created to tailor the wants and needs of his clients. (Customer satisfaction guaranteed!)







So who does Donta idolize? Well we asked Donta about his celebrity idol, and he stated that he would love to work with Ledsi!

 “If granted the opportunity I would love to work with Ledisi, because she is my most favorite artist.  I had the opportunity to meet her in person and just loved her spirit.  I would love to do make-up and clothing on her.  That would make my life complete!!! :-)”





If you’re interested in purchasing clothing, booking make-up appoints, or booking Donta for projects or events, you can contact him through:

Instagram: @labasiadesigns




Until next time…

“Boss up and Be Blessed”

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