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Looking for a good time? Got an occasion to celebrate? Well we know just who you need, to assist you with turning moments into memories. Meet L’sai Jarvis, aka DJ Stargayze! This New York born DJ claims New Jersey as home, and is currently the resident DJ for ilounge Atlanta! (Turn Up!)

DJ Stargayze is motivated by the strong support of his family, his wife, and his kids, who not only watches his moves but also believe in what he does. For DJ Stargayze, this makes him go even harder with everything that he does, especially when people come up to his DJ Booth and tells him he’s killing it!! (Go DJ! That’s our DJ!)


So how did DJ Stargayze become the DJ that he is today? Well his Father used to DJ as a hobby and was great at it. His Father started collecting vinyl when he came the U.S. and embraced the culture of Hip-Hop right when it arrived. However, DJ Stargayze grew up listening to Grand Master Flash. One day he brought home the movie called “Beat Street,” which had a DJ as a main character, and it totally got him hooked on the entire culture of Hip-Hop! Initially, DJ Stargayze started with break dancing, but soon moved on to rapping and graffiti.

Through it all, DJ Stargayze realized that the one that really got him excited, was watching the DJs do their thing. While he attended college, he not only studied Sociology, he studied the Campus DJ as well. This was all because he knew at some point he was going to try DJing for himself. Once he started, he was all in it and it soon went from a hobby, to a side hustle, to his business. (Boom!) DJ Stargayze soon realized that his passion was Hip-Hop, and DJing was his calling! Throughout his career, he used everything he learned from studying his father, watching the campus DJ, and beat matching in his head. DJ Stargayze is a true self-taught DJ, as he says that he never really thought to reach out for a DJ mentor.

“I literally can pair songs in my head beat for beat”

Initially, his first challenge was figuring out where to start, as the era of turntables being the only source of equipment soon changed. This is when CDJs came about and music was available in the mp3 format, which caused records and CDs to become more obsolete. His next challenge was being taken seriously and showing people that he could do it. People, venues, and other DJs were not as welcoming as he would of thought, as they were quite judgmental. DJ Stargayze also stated that he dealt with the financial risk of taking his career to the next level. These risk included time, equipment, and other expenses, but that didn’t stop him! DJ Stargayze loves being a DJ, and the heavy load of jump starting his career was totally worth it! (Weerrrkkk!)

DJ Stargayze got his first big break playing at Purple Rain in Duluth, GA. The Promoter he worked with hired him and it was a huge deal! It was in a new state, at a large venue, and it was going to be seen by his peers and strangers. Though DJ Stargayze had been preparing for this moment, by doing house parties, he was still nervous, yet confident in his talents. DJ Stargayze told us that it was a very cool experience and that he thinks even his peers were surprised; even with them hearing him at house parties. DJ Stargayze tells us that he is also very proud of obtaining his residency with ilounge Atlanta and expresses that they are his new family!

“They gave me a platform to do my thing. I have met so many people just being there, that has opened doors for me. They allow me to actually DJ. They don’t dictate my creativity, they encourage it.”

Have you ever wondered about the process, it takes for a DJ to select music for events? Well DJ Stargayze says he prepares for events daily, and that it can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days, as sometimes he may practice new sets or just research new music. Not only that, but he also does video DJ-ing too!! (Jack of all trades!) For this, he has to prepare videos and graphics, which takes some time.


“I test them out with hints of different genres. I am a black Hispanic/west Indian mix. All of those attributes contribute to my selection of music. I have sets I do that tell a story for that crowd. We take a trip. if the crowd is old school, then I try to blend in new music, that is reminiscent of that sound and that formula, that I know most old school people enjoy. If it is a young crowd we get “lit” but there is a musical lesson, so they can hear where some of those sounds were influenced from. I pick songs that hit every mood you will be in. Like for instance, DJs don’t play slow jams, but I do. When you went to a house party that last 30 mins, when those slow jams kicked in was the cookies and milk of the party. I send people home feeling good!”

When asked about which DJ he admires most, we learned that his favorite DJ is DJ Jazzy Jeff, but he admires DJ Mary Mac. DJ Mary Mac spins for “Lovergyrl NYC” and he would go to any party she was spinning at. DJ Stargayze loves how she is diverse, fearless paired with being a female, and how she would command the crowd with music! Upon meeting her, he found that she was very humble, which was something that he admired, and still does! – “Shout out to DJ Mary Mac!!!”



“If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, research and don’t be afraid to ask other DJs questions. Don’t assume the music you like is what everyone else likes. be diverse and don’t be afraid to break records. Learn the history of the DJ, but most importantly have fun; the crowd can tell. Read your crowd, that is so important. Think about what kind of DJ you want to be and build a brand. The way technology is and social media, you have an outlet many of us didn’t have back then. Learn it and use it.”

“DJs: get into videos and graphics. Update your technology and get into it. Pair that up with what you already do and watch.”

If granted the opportunity, DJ Stargayze tells us that he would love to work with DJ Mary Mac and would actually be honored to do a really big event with her! (Don’t forget our invite!!) He would also love to work with DJ Drama because he is from Philly, and with him being right next door in New Jersey, DJ Drama is “that dude.” While DJ Drama is currently in ATL killing the game, DJ Stargayze would love to pick his brain! DJ Stargayze says that he would like to work with other artists and singers as well. However, DJ Stargayze says he is currently working with who he wants to work with for now, whom are Ace King, Widgett, and Vash of Lost Connection.

Not only does DJ Stargayze throws down on the turntables, he also throws down in the kitchen! DJ Stargayze enjoys cooking so much that he has his very own side gig catering (Now that’s a BOSS!) He calls it his fun passion!


On November 21st, DJ Stargayze officially launched his own DJ showcase event, which will give up and coming DJs a place to network, showcase their skills, and get feedback and information/advice from other DJs, who have made a name for themselves.

“I don’t think DJs have enough outlets, as venues are reluctant to give new DJs a chance; so I decided to create one for them. It builds confidence, gives them exposure, and experience outside of their comfort zone.”

Ultimately, DJ Stargayze wants to go back to breaking records/artists. He wants to merge this new era with the formula of the MC and the DJ, the way he fell in love with it back when it was raw. He wants to create an outlet for up and coming DJs to gain exposure, to eliminate the challenges he faced. He wants to make sure that they don’t pursue their career without some knowledge and/or some assistance and mentoring. Eventually, DJ Stargayze also wants to start a non-profit organization, using DJing as an outlet for the youth through education and building character and self-esteem.

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