Let’s Be Real


Let’s Be Real

It is a natural reaction to need or desire validation from another human being. The same when it comes to our feelings and/or emotions. Most times, unless someone picks up on your vibes, those feelings & emotions will go unnoticed by people because we have managed to mask our emotional state.  This is something I too have done, and if I’m gonna be honest, “be real”, I still do it. I’m still working on me! Is it because I have something to hide? NO!! I’ve masked my emotions because of trust issues, traumas, and more.

I’ve hidden everything with a smile & I’m great because I never want anyone to see or know that I’m dealing with an issue. Sound familiar?! Sure it does! Most of us, if we admit it or not, are in the same boat. Here’s where you can be different, here’s where you can begin climbing out. When you get the strength to say I’m not ok, and know that it’s ok to speak those words, you’ve taken the 1st step to improvement.

Now I’m not saying, go tell Chatty Kathy, who will have the entire village knowing you have an issue before you even get the word “hep” out of your mouth. I’m saying tell a trusted friend, doctor, family member, anyone that you can actually trust.  What if I have no one that I can trust?  Take it to God and you can always trust you!  begun writing your feelings out. Believe it or not, this is what began to help me (remember, trust issues). Writing helps release the hurt, anger, frustration, etc trapped inside.

Not only did I write, I prayed, I prayed specifically. I prayed that someone that I could fully trust would be sent into my life. But before that prayer was answered, before that trusted someone was sent to me (my best friend, who later became my husband), I had to learn to begin speaking release over myself & situations. Release the positive & take away the negative. Release joy and remove all hurt and pain. I had to speak life into April!  Listen, I wanted someone to speak over me before I spoke over myself, I needed that validation, someone to rub my back & day it’ll be ok, but that wasn’t how it happened for me. You can’t expect anyone to fix you, if you don’t begin to put in the work 1st. It starts with you!

So as we begin a journey of inspiration, motivation, laughter, and tears; your very 1st assignment is to begin loving you. Begin speaking life over your situations. Pray for that confidante, begin journaling, whatever it takes! In the midst, remember and know, that this too shall pass. Keep in mind that your life is a testimony to others who have yet to go through what you’re about to come out of. Someone is depending on you!!

I’m going to leave you with this affirmation that I came up with, meditate on it, memorize it:

I have the courage to speak life into my life.

I have the courage to rise above adversity and walk in victory.


Until Next Time ♥️

~April Monét



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