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Are you looking to do a photoshoot soon, but need an experienced photographer? Do you have an upcoming project that may need voice overs or just need a model or 2? Well meet Jeanine Singh! A multi-talented photographer making serious BOSS MOVES!

Originally from New Have, CT, but now residing in Ocala, FL, Jeanine Singh is a Product Photographer of Lady Singh Photo, who is driven by happiness! Lady Singh Photo specializes in amazon photography

“I love being in control and doing what I love. Product Photography is my passion. I feel that my purpose is to help businesses grow in the digital world by creating beautiful Images that attract buyers. I love what I do and I feel a lot less stressed working for myself rather than having someone looking over my shoulder and limiting my creativity.”

So how did Jeanine get into being a Photographer? At the age of 12, Jeanine started experimenting with photography and videography. She spent a lot of time capturing footage and recording, which soon turned into her hobby!

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“I never thought that I could have a career in Photography or Videography. Without guidance in school, I naturally focused on what I was good at, which was Math. Guidance was easy to find as a female minority interested in Math. I was going to be a Mathematician. I took a photography course where I learned so much more about editing and gaining more control of my camera. I have to say the beginning was boring, but once we got past reviewing old material, I had so much freedom with my camera. For my final project, I wanted to do fashion photography. I gathered a couple of friends to model and we put together a photoshoot. Editing was the fun part. That’s where all of my time goes. I edited their clothing and shoes to have nature designs. I used two patterns, one of a leafless tree that I photographed and the other was a puddle that I photographed and photo shopped to look like a lake. I pulled an all-nighter doing those edits. Once I started I could not stop. I ended up getting a C on my final project but I still love those photos till this day.”
It wasn’t until Jeanine’s first semester in college, that she realized that she WAS NOT going to be a Mathematician! In college, one of her college professors mentioned creating a self-design Major, due to her college having all of the necessary classes, but did not have the major officially listed.

“A couple of professors were working on making the major but it could take a while and nothing was guaranteed. I applied for my self-design major and I was approved at the end of my junior year. So I went into my senior year as a Self-Design Digital Media Production with a Minor in Mathematics. During my senior year, my college made Digital Media Production an Official Major. I felt passion and excitement run through my veins in my intro to digital media production class. I felt excitement and passion in my differential equations class as well so I felt conflicted. It was not until my second year of college (junior year because I completed a year of college while in high school) that I realized that I needed to switch schools so that I could pursue videography and photography as a career. It was scary but I was determined.”

For Jeanine, photography was not her first passion, as her heart throbbed for videography. It wasn’t until she studied abroad in London, that she discovered her hidden passion for photography! During the Fall Semester of her Senior year, she took Media and Photography courses while in London, and Jeanine tells us that she was very excited!!

“I was so excited! I was across the sea with my camera. While flying to London I sat next to a gentleman. I told him about how I was studying abroad and how I created my self-design major. Little did I know, he was the Executive Creative Director and Partner of a Digital Media Production company in London. I knew that God placed me in that seat on the plane for a reason. I earned an internship in my field before I even stepped foot into London. My first day at the internship was amazing. I got a tour of the product photography studio, Video and photography editing lab, and the meeting room where everyone sat around a big table and threw out ideas. I worked in the editing lab and even got to go out on a video shoot an hour away in Brighton for a Yahoo series called Travel Great Britain. This was the first time that I got to see my passions be a success up close. I feel as if God has always been leading me to product photography and now that I and pursuing it, I am happy to continue growing and learning.”


In 2014, Jeanine’s started her business with a focus on video, and started off as Lady Strother Productions. After getting married in 2015, she decided to change her business name over to Lady Singh Photo and Video. In 2016, she then began focusing on photography due to her nephew being born, which then sparked her interested in being a family photographer.


“Because I didn’t know how to find clients, I felt like photography had to be my hobbies again. I had to focus of getting a career in graphic design, because that’s what all companies were mostly hire for at that time.”

This challenge was a short lived challenge for Jeanine, as she got her first big break in 2016! She photographed product photos for Indian River Select Juices, and remembers finding out that they were looking for a photographer in Florida, which caught her attention immediately! (BOOM!) Jeanine checked to make sure that her nearby Publix carried the flavors of their juices, that they wanted photographed. SHE WAS ON A HUNT!


“I had 5 Publix stores around me but I could not find all of the flavors. I sent them a message that I could not find all of the flavors but I did find some of them. They hired me anyways. I was nervous and excited. My husband helped me prepare for the photoshoot by cutting the oranges and passion fruit for me (My husband is a chef/bartender). The photos came out beautiful and I received my first 5 star rating for product photography. I couldn’t believe it. Chills ran through my body “did I just find my career?” Photographing Indian River Select juices gave me the confidence to pursue product photography and it built the foundation that I needed for other businesses to see that if I could work with a big business then I could help them out too.

So how does one become a Photographer? Jeanine tells us that Photographers can be at many different levels!

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“Everyone has a camera that they can pull out at any time. Some photographers solely shoot off of their phones and create amazing images. With practice you can develop a photographers eye. Photography is all about holding onto a moment and sharing it with the world or keeping it as a piece of art for you to enjoy on your own.”

After college Jeanine worked for a local magazine, and wanted to earn the status of being their lead Graphic Designer. She was their only in house Graphic Designer, during her second year at the magazine. They went an entire year without a lead designer, so she tried to fill in those shoes. After realizing that there was nothing that she could do to earn that lead position, she realized that there were other businesses that appreciated her work, and that’s what made her come home from working 8 hours at the magazine, and work another 5 hours pursuing product photography. Jeanine tells us that she kept doing this for months until she felt that she could support herself with product photography.

“I took that leap of faith and I am so glad that I did because I am so much more happier working for businesses that value my work. Who doesn’t love seeing their photos and models on Amazon? I am very grateful for working at that local magazine because I learned so much about advertising, marketing, and branding. I worked in Sales at the magazine as well. That gave me the Business to Business sales experience that I needed for my business.”

Lady Singh Photo offers infographics, models, commercials, editing, and voice overs. Jeanine has worked with Amazon, by providing photos for heir products! Jeanine tells us that she loves how she can search for products on Amazon and find her photos that she photographed! You can even find her Jeanine’s modeling photos by searching “Beyound Earth Maps.” For Jeanine, it is a wonderful feeling, and continuous excitement every week as she continue to photograph new products!

Make sure you keep up with Jeanine, as she will be working with Unleashed Pets to photograph their carrying bag and is excited to finally photograph her Model Yorkie for Amazon!

“The quality of their products are amazing. I can tell that they really care as dog owners. The little details really add to it and once I put my Yorkie in it, she thought it was hers and did not want to come out of it lol. It has so many great functions. My favorite part is that is that it attached to the car like a seatbelt. I definitely need one for my Yorkie.”

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If you’re interested in becoming a Photographer, Jeanine has the following advice,

“Don’t stop practicing. Photograph the things that are beautiful to you because when you see beautiful Images it makes you want to continue. The world is your Canvas! I have enjoyed my journey. I have learned a lot along the way. God has set up my life in a way that every experience has taught me something that I need for my business. I wouldn’t want to change anything.”

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