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Meet Kristina Govan! The Owner of Seeds of Prosperity, LLC & Mommy-Owned, representing Detroit, MI!

Seeds of Prosperity has provided Tax Preparation Services to taxpayers across the US for 23 years, as well as provides Bookkeeping and Business Consulting/Coaching Services to small businesses in the Metro Detroit Area!

Also, as of 3 years ago – Seeds of Prosperity has added corporate travel planning services and will be launching Social Media and Digital Media Management services to small businesses beginning August 2019!!

Mommy-Owned programs provide work from home opportunities for moms who desire to provide financially for their families, without being taken away from their homes and children, with the need for moms to be available to their families and their needs, Mommy-Owned provides them that opportunity. Also, the offered programs provide training in areas such as travel, customer service, tax preparation, and social/digital media management.

After the trainings are complete, opportunities are then offered to allow them to put their new skills to work with its parent company, earn an income, and even start their own businesses in these areas!!! Not only that, but Mommy-Owned also provides business coaching services for the moms who already have business ideas and just need direction and coaching, on how to launch and develop their products and services!!

So what is the inspiration behind Kristina’s businesses? Kristina tells is that it is due to her becoming being able to provide for her children and leave a legacy.

“I began my entrepreneurship endeavors at one of the most vulnerable times in my life. I was homeless, living with my aunt, laid off work, and the single mother of 3 children. I had a computer and snuck to use my aunts phone line (back when the internet was dial up) to launch my tax preparation business. My first year I had 1 client (who is still my client today) and each year it grew and grew. As my family grew the need for my income to grow was evident. I went into the corporate America and was very successful. However this took me away from my children and I had to rely on family to raise them. I worked, worked, and worked some more. I was known to have a baby on Friday and be back at work on Monday because I had to provided for my family. I have 9 children now and they are the best things that have ever happened to me. I missed a lot of their childhood working and hustling. This was the motivation behind launching Mommy-Owned. Many moms are not exposed to or given information that will allow them to be the bread winners and mom at the same time. Mommy-Owned is dedicated to bridging that Gap.” – Kristina Govan | CEO.

CEO Quote: “The business advice that has kept me grounded is “In order to achieve your goals, desires, and create the life you desire in the future you must stay focused, work hard, and be consistent. Believe in yourself, your ability, and your future outcome. You future is the product of your current thoughts, your actions, consistency, and dedication.”

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Don’t forget to mark your calendars for July 15th, as Mommy-Owned has upcoming trainings available!!

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