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Ever travel out of town and needed your hair done, but didn’t know where to go? Well if you’re ever in Chicago, be sure to get styled by KoKo!

If you’re ever in KoKo Smith’s hometown Chicago, make sure you stop by her salon! KoKo is a licensed and professional hairstylist, working out of a salon in the Beverly area of Chicago! KoKo is driven by her passion of hair and desire to see the depth of her talents! She strives to continue to better her craft and learn as much as she can! (Such tenacity!)

Becoming a hair stylist was not quite KoKo’s passion, but became her passion after entering cosmetology school. While in school KoKo, learned that she could be creative as well as open-minded, which made her anxious to learn and do more. For KoKo, the more she learned and did, the more she knew that being a hairstylist was what she wanted to do.

KoKo told us that back in high school, she struggled with her own hair for quite some time. However, when she I finally “got It”, it was the best feeling! While in college, she managed to accomplish the new trend of “hair extensions”. With this new skill, she began providing extension services of sew-ins on other women. Seeing her clients happy with their results, made her interest become stronger than ever.



“My advice to anyone that want to become a hairstylist is to have patience because there will be rough times. Always be willing to learn and do not get stagnant. The beauty industry changes and new styles are presented every so often. Lastly, learn how to promote yourself well. This is something I struggle with myself. Marketing is key to getting your name and brand out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or network with other stylists. “



Do you have thick Hair or natural? No worries! KoKo works with many clients that are thick-haired naturals, and deal with all textures and conditions regularly. She also deals with transitioning, growth and proper hair treatments, including keratin, scalp, moisture and more. If you book KoKo and aren’t sure what styles to get, don’t fret as KoKo specializes in silk pressing, extensions, and color! (Can you say options?!)

So we asked about what services she enjoys the most and KoKo stated:


“I love doing color the most. It can change a woman’s overall appearance and confidence plus, with proper maintenance, it can always be changed. A woman can go from having dark brown hair to a vibrant red or a fantasy pink and still have the healthy, beautiful hair.”

In regards to hair care, KoKo says that necessary hair trims is very vital. Her clients are always informed about trim schedules and how important they are.

“Lack of trims are the cause of most hair problems. The longer you go without receiving one, the more issues you will have.”

So of course, we asked the infamous question: Relaxed or Natural? KoKo told us that when it comes to relaxed or natural hair, neither is better than the other per se. She stated that relaxers contain harsh chemicals, but with the proper maintenance, the hair can still be in a healthy state. With natural hair being said to be the healthiest route, KoKo stated that it isn’t always the case. As maintenance was stressed as important, we’re told that lifestyles play a part as well. (Well there you have it!)


KoKo’s services go beyond the salon, as her work has been seen in a few show, weddings, and other various occasions! (Such a boss!) When asked about her idol, KoKo says that she would love to work with Solange Knowles’ hair, because she is risky and out of the box when it comes to hairstyles, and it would definitely be a challenge to what she is used to.”

If you’re looking to book KoKo for your next amazing look, you can book her at: www.styleseat.com/ko_smith


At this time, KoKo doesn’t have any upcoming events planned, but is leaving herself open for any major opportunity that may present itself. If you’re wanting to stay updated on KoKo’s next move and see all of her beautiful work, follow her on:

Facebook: Kosh Allure

Instagram: @kosh__allure (two underscores) and @_kokes


Until next time….

“Boss Up and Be Blessed”

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