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Do you have a frequent sweet tooth?! Have an upcoming celebration for special occasion, and would like to add a lovely touch to it? Well we have just the right person for you! Meet Chloe… the sweet treat QUEEN!

Originally from Calumet City, IL, but residing in Freeport, IL, Chloe A. B. Heyward is the President of the Policy Council for the NICAA Head Start Program for Stephenson and Jo Davies County, Digital Organizer for Security First Title Company, Referral Agent for World Financial Group(WFG), and the Owner/Chocolatier of J & S Treats LLC! (BOSS STATUS) Chloe tells us that her children are her motivation and she is focused on giving them the best!


“J&S, are the initials of my children. They are the sweetest things in my life, and I want to provide the best things for them by being successful at this.”


For Chloe, cooking has always been an overall passion of hers, and she loves making savory foods.  Chloe tells us that she loves making savory foods, such as Racks of Lamb, Whole Baked Chicken, and Homemade Garlic Butter Biscuits. So how did Chloe get into making sweet treats?  During her second pregnancy, she was up late craving sweet treats! This then sparked an interest in her to make treats, so she decided to look further into making the treats healthier for herself and the baby throughout the pregnancy. (AMAZING!!)  In the beginning of Chloe’s business, she experienced a challenge with marketing due to the town being so small. However, that challenge was short lived as Chloe is very well skilled with technology on Facebook and Instagram advertisements. (BOOM!)

J & S Treats LLC offers a variety of sweets, such as Dipped Strawberries, Dipped Pretzel Stix, Dipped Apples, Fruit Bouquets, Peanut Butter Cups, and more! With Dipped pretzel stix and strawberries being the most requested, the dipped strawberries are her favorite treat to make! With Chloe’s treats specializing in homemade ingredients, it’s no wonder why her sweet treats are in such high demand!

 “I enjoy making sweet treats for the “taste testing”.  My favorite treats to make are dipped strawberries because when you bite into them, it tastes like a caramel apple….mmmmm. I love seeing the reaction of the customers once they have tasted J&S Treats!”



“I love making sweet treats! I love the way they smell, how scrumptious they look and taste, I enjoy the work. “I truly love making my sweet treats, because it allows me to put my special touch to make someone’s event SPECTACULAR.”


Make sure you keep up with Chloe and J&S Treats LLC, as there are multiple summer events that are coming up, that they will be involved in!


If you’re interested in creating your own sweet treats, Chloe has the following advice,

“Don’t bother with all of that! Just call me to do all that work for you. My number is 815.908.9577 Leave it all up to me!”

 If you’re interested in ordering J & S Treats,, you can do so via her business page:

www.facebook.com/jandstreats or giving her a call at 815-908-9577.


Be sure to keep up with Chloe by following her on social media at:

Instagram @ambitiousqueen_c

Facebook www.facebook.com/jandstreats

Chloe has the following final words for our readers:



“I would like to thank my mother and father for instilling the foundation of the word of God in my life, because without that none of this would be possible. “Faith without works is dead” – James 2:17




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