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Julius.Comics.1Do you enjoy reading comic books? When was the last time you read a comic strip in the newspaper? Well we interviewed an amazing Artist who is very talented, and someone you should know! Meet Julius Grey, the man behind Grey World Comics.

All the way from Plainfield, NJ, Julius Grey is an Artist, Illustrator, Caricature Drawer, and Developing Comic. Julius is a comic book nerd, with an undeniable passion for art! With his three children being his motivation, it’s no wonder why he is the bomb dot com at this thing called art! So how did Julius get into art? Julius tells us that he has always been passionate about art, but he really got into art when he entered an art contest in 3rd grade. Julius tells us that from that day forward, he never looked back! (NICE!!)

Julius specializes in photo realism in pencil and says that it takes between 4-5 hours to complete a piece of art work. (WOW!) Once he has an idea of what he wants to draw, he does the outline of the drawing first. Julius tells us that detailing is the part that he loves most, even though it takes the longest to do.


When asked about what challenges Julius has experienced, he talked about “artist block”. Julius tell us that artist block is frustrating and any Artist can relate. Julius tells us that Artists live in real world time, and artist block can sometimes cause hours of blank page staring. (Eek!) To assist with his challenges, Julius tells us that he recently purchased a screen-printing machine.

“Sometimes 10’s of ideas can present at once so focusing and streamlining is very important.”

When asked about his most influential piece of art work, Julius stated,

“My favorite is notorious B.I.G. When I developed into art for Pop Culture, it’s one of my most complimented pieces. It opened a new realm besides writing a comic book story.”

Art isn’t the only talent that Julius has, as he enjoys poetry, song writing, and creative writing. Julius says that he is actually working on an original story for his comic characters. (Dope right?!)


Julius’s recently attended Onyx Con in Atlanta, and took a few pieces for a meet and greet! Though Julius is new to the particular genre at the event, he says that he made some great contacts and intends to display his art at next years’ event! (Boom!)

Julius’ talent doesn’t stop there as he just recently introduced a new strip character on his social media, which has caught fire.

I want to expound on that strip. I’ve also posted some pop culture caricatures which are becoming popular. I intend to attend as many local events I can in 2018.



Creative people can be viewed as highbrow, above the grade or reclusive at times. I pride myself on being approachable, sensible, and open for wonder. If you’re interested in becoming an Artist, practice your craft, stay current and creative. Art is a passion and critiques can be daunting, but stay true to your craft and to your vision.”



If you’re interested in purchasing art work or booking him for events or project, you can do so by contacting him via:


Instagram: @grey_world_comics

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